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Thread: November 1500

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    I do really miss vendors like PK Firearms who brought lots of quality uppers + high quality small ticket items like; Blue Force Gear slings, GG&G swivels, optic mounts, bipods... I'm sick of the cheap China black gun crap.
    People don't want quality, they want crap. The vendors simply respond to what people want.
    Herman Cain had ryyyeeetttts too. Wear a damn mask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf View Post
    I rarely go looking for new guns. But as to why I would think they would be less expensive, it's for the same reason I expect them to be less expensive online. A good chunk of the dealers operating at guns shows aren't running large, expensive retail establishments with a large staff, all of which adds overhead.

    Anyway, as to used guns, the selection was pretty sad in general, though I'm sure yours were great.

    I'm sure I walked by your table at some point, since I always stop and look at the milsurps... though I've sadly given up buying bolt action rifles. I've learned in my old age that I really don't enjoy shooting right handed bolt actions as a lefty, so other than the ones in my collection still, I've given them up. Single shots, lever guns, pump action, or semi-autos sure, PITA right handed bolt actions, nope.

    I did see at least one table with what appeared to be a good price on a Baby Browning (though I didn't look closely enough to check the condition). I didn't see any Colt M1909 New Service, which was what I was keeping my eye out for (did see a few M1917s though).

    But really, it mostly table after table of the same exact new stuff, and of course, knock-off Microtech/Benchmade knives and knock-off Eotech and Aimpoint sights, and other random stuff.
    This particular show seemed worse than normal with the amount of counterfeits, knock-offs/clones. Not much you can do about the knock-offs and clones as long as they don't have the company's name or logo on them. My problem is with the counterfeits that have the company's name and or logo on's an infringement of copyright laws in most cases. I have addressed this concern with the promoter before, and he doesn't seem to concerned about, and is not willing to do anything about it..........His show, his rules, and he can run his show how he sees fit.

    I believe I was the only knife dealer there this past weekend with the "real" Microtech, Benchmade, Chris Reeve, (and others) knives. It can be a PIA having to explain to customers why my Microtech knives start at $225.00 when they think they are looking at the same thing at another table for $50.00.

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    Thanks for helping me "move in" Friday afternoon, Brad.

    And thanks for the knives . . . which I bought . . . um . . . for a friend.
    Herman Cain had ryyyeeetttts too. Wear a damn mask.

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    Pick up a gift at the 1500 for your Secret Santa....

    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    Get outta my damn yard.......
    Quote Originally Posted by db1959 View Post
    The wind likes to blow my balls around.
    I will not give, not one more inch. No more compromise. From my cold dead hands.

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    One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them. --Thomas Jefferson

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    I think i fell into a knock off product by accident. Bought a fixed rear sight for my AR for 10 bucks thinking i got a sweet deal. Havent shot it yet but build quality seems iffy at best.. at least it is only 10 dollars


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