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Thread: optic questions

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    optic questions

    as some one who has never been before, will there be a good selection of name brand optics at the show?
    looking to buy but don't have enough posts to reply here yet.

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    Gun shows are not what they used to be. "Used to be" was more like a garage sale. Gun enthusiasts selling of their excess stuff so they could buy more stuff. Not so much now. Its all dealers trying to make a buck. But, that being said, there are many dealers selling name brand optics at gun shows. You just have to remember the age old saying, "Caveat Emptor." Do your diligent research and go armed with cash.
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    There is usually some good buys at the 1500 ,Like CB said do your research and have cash in hand .
    And not take away from the Gun Show thread!!!! BUT we have A site supporter that usually has some good buys. (A&A optics )

    Welcome to A&A Optics Inc - Certified Vortex Dealer

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