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    What are the best outdoor shooting places in central Indiana

    I want to find somewhere that has land that I can practice rifle drills and pistol drills. Meaning multiple directions I can shoot, shooting on the move, drawing pistol from holster, rapid fire, and ideally a range at least 150 yards long to fine tune my zeros. If anyone knows of somewhere I can train like this please let me know thanks

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    Probably gonna have to go a few places, but Wildcat Valley R&P does meet the range requirements.
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    Thanks for the info

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    Practice Ranges..ProTec in Brazil, IN. They have rifle range & pistol area under roof. Also steel rack bowling pins/plates & targets setup @ old cowboy range.. check it out if you're interested.

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    How about someplace close to Connersville. To find a place would be great!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zz47331 View Post
    How about someplace close to Connersville. To find a place would be great!!!
    Wilbur Wright and Brookville Lake FWAs are probably your best bet.
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    Unless they have a different guy running the range over at Brookville Lake Iíll just stay away

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    Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club between Anderson and Markleville.
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    The Winamac FWA range is a great outdoor range. One of the best IMHO. However, I am not sure they will allow rifle and pistol drills? Also you want to be able to shoot multiple direction's. I know that would be a big no there. Still a great range none the less. Just my

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    Atlanta Conservation club is an outstanding place to shoot. You would have to become a member to have access 7 days a week.

    Here is the web site for more info.

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