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    March 2019 Indy 1500

    The March edition of the 1500 is this weekend. Hope to see you out there!

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    I plan on going at least Friday, maybe Sunday. Hope to find a new grip for my Taurus Judge, Cheap ammo, maybe some accessories.

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    I'm planning on being there on Sunday, I also plan on trying to sell my Rossi ranch hand and try to pick up a sa revolver in 45colt.
    WTS/WTT 9mm and 308 win reload dies.

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    I'm jonesing for an FDE Beretta Kel-Tec Sub 2000. The Glock mag version is by far the most popular but I don't own a Glock. I hear it's easy to swap grip panels and mag catches so I'll take whatever I can find.

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    Iím wanting new sights for my G23 is there anybody that can do it on-site?!

    Also plan on picking up a new edc blade, flashlight, ammo, more Glock & AR mags

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    AR mags and getting my sbr lower inscribed are my goals

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    I'm gonna try for friday... Taking M12 trench gun and a few small goodies.

    BTW- been getting ready since last week, havent showered and had steady diet of beans and white castles. Should fit in just fine.

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    I hate not having vendor credentials (I didn't get a rep for being cheap accidentally) but I may try to make this one. The extras from The Walking Dead, anti-showerers, giving directions based on gas masks and chocolate, stuff to buy, sounds like a good afternoon to me.
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    I'm interested in checking out the reloading supplies and Federal .22lr in bulk packs. I haven't been to an INDY 1500 in at least a year. Does anyone remember what Federal .22lr in 550 rd or 525 rd packs are going for the last 2-3 shows? My local Walmarts have the bulk packs for $19 something. I'm debating on whether I should go or put the $20 to get in door toward a Walmart bulk pack.

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    I plan on going Saturday looking for some encore stuff. Is INGO going to have a booth at this show?

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