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    Quote Originally Posted by vincess View Post
    That's awesome! Where the hell was that booth? I need to hang with you next show.
    Quote Originally Posted by CampingJosh View Post
    Pretty sure he was referencing as the place he ordered. They don't have a booth at the 1500.
    True and Correct! I was a little leary at first given the "humorous" name so a little research, a couple of questions to the panel of experts here at INGO and I placed the order. Looking forward to picking it up tomorrow but I'm not sure how long it'll take the FFL to process it and call me so probably pick it up Thursday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vincess View Post
    ACME had a few booths around, and had BY FAR the best prices for AR pistols, side charge pistols, etc. I know, I know, it's their "build" and doesn't say Springfield on it. But I just don't/can't understand why these vendors refuse to budge on their prices. One vendor (maybe reading this?) has had the same Saint Victor in 5.56 for sale for it seems like a year. I've offered him $900 cash, and he just points at the price tag of well over $1000. Pffffftttttt. I mean it's starting to get scuff marks on the rail from people picking it up and putting down. There were quite a few booths that had reasonable prices, but jeez, most of these guys are WAY over priced. Does any one know if the fairgrounds are charging more for booths to the point where these guys can't come down? Also the room furthest south had a lot of empty tables. Maybe again because of booth rent?

    The fairgrounds doesn't set the price of the booths. The show promoter does. It costs $100 per 8 foot table and has been that way for at least the last 7 years now.

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