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    Best Non-FFL items you buy at the show.?

    Would love to be a vendor at the show just for a hobby, but don't want to sell guns. So........

    What are your most popular items you have found at the show?

    Jerky? Holsters? Any input might be helpful.

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    Steel targets, safes or ammo are too heavy to tote in and out.
    Jerky, nuts or candy would be ok but you will get into your profits.
    Kydex holsters are nice but take a bit to make / form.
    Leather holster are real nice, something to consider.
    Scopes, uppers, or knives I do not think would suit just a “hobby” business.
    Magazines or clips equal a lot of different inventory to cover your bases.
    Brand or platform specific parts would be ok if you like a particular subset. Such as Glock, 10/22, 1911, or AK /AR.
    cleaning and or maintenance products are also a good market.
    Just a couple of thoughts.
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    You definitely want to limit your needed inventory, which means that you don't want anything to be firearm-specific. But you also don't want anything that is available at 20 other booths.

    I haven't been in a while, but I don't remember there ever being a table dedicated to slings. That might be a viable specialty without having to keep hundreds of varieties. A few colors in each of 5 or 6 styles might just be all you need to get started.
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    candied pecans, and Zick's Stix.
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    The things I miss from the Indy1500 shows are the couple of vendors that carried some higher end parts. Trijicon, GG&G, AD, ARMS, Badger, Aimpoint, LaRue... parts, etc. I'm SOO sick of all the cheap China parts.

    PK out of Illinois was one of those vendors. They probably stopped showing up because the Indy1500 is turning into a flea market instead of a gun show.
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    The most useful non-gun item was I got was a belt.

    I wear it near every day.
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    There seems to be a proliferation of purses, jewelry, t-shirts, dog treats, fidget spinners, and other flea market items. The shows are really going downhill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JettaKnight View Post
    The most useful non-gun item was I got was a belt.
    I wear it near every day.
    QFT, I bought 2. Full grain, thick. The kind your father got hided with.

    I like the sling idea too. Some swivels/QDs, not a huge space taker.
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    Gun cleaning accessories, rods, brushes, solvents, bore guides, etc. I've not seen anybody doing it at the 1500 since my friend Bernie passed away some years ago.

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    Semi Topless, pretty vendor selling LBE/LCE or whatever they call it nowadays.

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