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Thread: May Indy 1500 just cancelled

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    May Indy 1500 just cancelled

    I just got a letter in the mail today from the promoter, and they have decided to CANCEL the May Indy 1500 gun show
    With so many places beating dicks I think it's gonna hurt dicks bad.

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    Smart move.
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    Looks like the next one is 28-30 August.
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    Why? Why? Why?

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    Havenít been to one in a couple years. Went to most of them for twenty years prior.

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    Lets hope this Mess is over by the August show .
    I have Been Trying to Do Good social Distancing and It is Getting old not having any new toys to play with

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    Might be able to get some good deals in August, vendors should be hungry for cash flow. I'm in!

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    I too went to more or less every one twenty years ago, maybe more.
    I can't remember when they no longer held a draw for me, but I haven't been to one in more than a decade, and don't miss them.

    The smaller shows are much nicer to attend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mgderf View Post

    The smaller shows are much nicer to attend.
    I agree. The Stout Field show is perfect for me!

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    I understand it but personally that really sucks for me. My twin sons are graduating from High School this year and they have never been to the INDY 1500 (I haven't either since it's about a 2 hour drive for us). A couple months back they asked if I would take them on May 29th (their last day of school was the 28th) as a sort of celebrating high school is done. They won't be able to attend the August one because they will have already started college in a different state and won't be home then. They will be so disappointed.

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