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    INGO AR15 Build Party 12/14/08 AAR (now with pics!)

    Build party pics...
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    mmmmm bigcraig

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    A quick AAR:

    There were a lot less people there than I anticipated, and of those, only about half a dozen guys actually built anything. It was nice to see some familiar faces I hadn't seen in awhile, as well as meet some new folks. With able (or a resonable facsimile thereof) assistance from bigcraig, me, VUPDblue and Brad from Civilian Defense Co., I think everybody got their lowers together and functional. Hopefully even the people who didn't build learned some things and had some fun. And somebody, God bless 'em, brought a big bucket of homemade cookies. I was happy.

    Thanks to VUPDblue for organizing this event, and to MCF&G for hosting it.

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    looks like it was a good time to help make EBRs and shoot the bull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter521 View Post
    Thanks to VUPDblue for organizing this event, and to MCF&G for hosting it.
    A BIG

    I really enjoyed meeting everyone and drooling over the big (and small) beautiful black (and white) tools strewn about all over!!! I very much appreciate BigCraig and everyone for all your help! I would never have figured that out on my own but I now feel that I could having put my first together. This was a priceless event and I learned a lot.

    We should do things like this more often. Call it public education of firearms and such.

    I had a great time and wish I could have stuck around to shoot. Maybe next time.

    Very nice pics btw!!

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    ATM is online now
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    Had a great time meeting folks and learning how to assemble a lower. I am thankful for those who hosted, instructed with builds, provided tools and ogling EBRs, cookies, parts, and putting more faces with names.

    Also: If anyone found a tiny ziplock bag with some detents and springs (the lower parts I can't install until buffer tube) please PM me.

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    Thanks again to Nick, Craig and Mark for the knowledge and experience they brought to the table

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    Sounds like you guys had a good time and learned a lot. Regrets that I couldn't be there. Still no word on when my kit will ship, but I'm trying my hardest to be patient!!!

    I did have fun today, though. Got a last minute invite to the Colts game!
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    Had a great time! Was good to meet everyone Thanks to the host and all who helped me on my first lower build Where did the group pics go?

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