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    2018 Ingo/Dnr youth day?

    Curious if there is going to be a 2018 Ingo/Dnr youth day at winimac again? Had a blast helping the kids last year and thought if we're doing it again this year, maybe we could start a little earlier this year on getting the ball rolling, as far as donations, new ideas, solutions to issues we've had, etc.

    Anyhow, if there's going to be a 2018 event im all in!

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    Most of us at the CP M&E were on board for this again in one fashion or another. All of us agreed the pros outweighed the cons in the purpose of the event. The new DNR rules are deal breakers for some, but those members said they would still donate supplies to the event. If it held the same typical weekend, I know I can not instruct this year due to a prior commitment. I will donate though. I know 1775usmarine said he was looking for someone to take over the shirt orders and such.
    I believe Jedi was going to contact the DNR. Here is also the link to to last year's event and supply list:
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    If its go and 1775submarine can't do the shirts/donations I'd be willing to take that on. As always will donate ammo and instruct again too. Definitely would like to see it happen again. As said above the pros far outweigh the cons.

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    Ill contact dnr this week and see if they are interested.
    PRIOR to that ill pm last year insyructors to see how many we will have. We need at least 13 to do this event. 15 would be preferred.

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    1 d.kaufman
    2 blue falcon
    3 actaeon277
    4 1775usmarine
    5 1775usmarine (MRS)
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    8 spencer rifle
    9 chemteach
    10 actaeon277's dad
    11 actaeon277's brother (adam)
    12 bigretic
    13 chef larry

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    50 yd RO

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi View Post
    Potential instructors
    Like said above im all in for instructor. Did 50 yard last year.

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    I'm volunteering.
    I can either do what I normally do, .22 instructor on 25 yd, or wherever I'm needed.

    I can donate $ for shirts, and ammo.
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    If you guys need any gear or rifles please PM me.
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    I should be able to loan my SCAR to Actaeon for the event if needed or wanted.
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