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    Exclamation 6th Annual NWI INGO/Winamac DNR Youth Day - Volunteers/Donors Help - SAT 09 JUN

    pdf of flyer located here:

    Winamac DNR has reached out to me asking if we will be helping with the annual family/youth day.
    Here is the email from DNR.

    We have started the planning of our 2018 Family Fun Shooting Range Event. This year we would like to hold the event on Saturday June 9th. Last year went very well and resulted in a record attendance with many new participants. This year I am hoping for the same turnout, or even better, with extended efforts to advertise and promote the event in all local newspapers, community calendars, radio stations, the DNRFW event calendar, and Facebook page .

    We are looking forward to working with INGO, 4H Shooting Sports, and all of our sponsors and volunteers again this year. My staff will be prepared with the same general setup and equipment that has worked well for us in the past years.

    Please let me know if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns about this year’s event.

    Thank you and take care,

    Doug Green
    Property Manager
    Winamac Fish and Wildlife Area
    1493 W. 500 N.
    Winamac, IN 46996
    (574) 946-4422-Office
    (574) 946-7249-Fax
    We need a MINIMUM of 17 instructors/range officers to make this happen.
    As many of you are aware we have had our own internal debate going on since the last event about doing this event again due to the new DNR range rules. The rule of no OC/CC handguns on the range still stands. You can read all about why here. If you want to debate that topic do it on THAT thread. I need this thread devoted ONLY to who will help and donors. At the time of this writing we do NOT have enough manpower to do this event. I want to give DNR a yes/no reply by next week on this event.

    For those new to this event here is a link to our past events.
    The 5th annual event is here and it has links to all the prior years in post 1.

    So here is what we need to talk about right now.

    1) Can you volunteer?
    - We need firearms instructors to teach the kids (we can supply you with .22lr longgun and ammo if needed)
    - We need skeet/trap shooter operators
    - We need safety range officers to oversee each of the areas (4 to 5 ranges)

    Optional helpers
    - We need photographers
    - We need ammo runners (to take ammo to the various benches)
    - We need cooks (we will supply the food and equipment)
    - We need greeters

    You can't volunteer (in person) but want to help?

    The past 5 years INGO member have been kind and generous in donating ammo (.22lr mainly) for this event.
    Once again we need donations to make this even possible.
    - .22lr ammo mainly
    - .223 and 7.62x39 for the single 'big rifles bench'
    (does not matter if you are not in NWI we have members that go all over the state and can bring back your ammo donation)
    - money donations for t-shirts for the volunteers (d.kaufman is handling this for us this year)
    - food/money donations for food (we feed everyone hot dogs, chips, pop, water and cookies)
    - plywood/money donations for the range itself

    Info to come on this in a bit.

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    25 Yard Range
    Bench 1: Joe GPIW (aka Tomahawk34)
    Bench 2: chemteach
    Bench 3: actaeon
    Range Officer: Chef Larry

    50 Yard Range
    1. d.kaufman (left hand rifle)
    2. 1775usmarine
    3. Adam (actaeon277's brother)
    4. topshot
    5. Audie Murphy (AK/AR Bench)
    Range Officer 1: Blue Falcon
    Range Officer 2: BuickGS

    100 Yard Range (Skeet)
    Bay 1
    Instructor: bigretic
    Operator: MRockwell

    Bay 2
    Instructor: GLOCKMAN
    Operator: GLOCKMAN's daughter

    Range Officer: Actaeon's Dad (Mr. Larry)

    Reloading Demo
    Spencer Rifle doing .223 reloading demo

    .22lr current = 11,910 (as of 3/17/2018)
    Prior year on hand inventory = 10,410
    chemteach = 500
    actaeon277 = 500
    Spencer rifle = 500

    .223 current = 901 (as of 3/17/2018)
    Prior year on hand inventory = 801
    chemteach = 100

    7.62x39 current = 1619 (as of 3/17/2018)
    Prior year on hand inventory = 1619


    1. actaeon277
    2. actaeon277's dad (Mr. Larry)
    3. actaeon277's brother (Adam)
    4. d.kaufman
    5. GLOCKMAN23C
    6. GLOCKMAN23C's daughter
    7. 1775usmarine
    8. Audie Murphy
    9. chemteach
    10. chef larry
    11. bigretic
    12. topshot
    13. spencer rifle
    14. blue falcon
    15. MRockwell
    16. Joe GPIW
    17. BuickGS

    1. melensdad (as cook)
    2. Andy219

    * Yellow Range Officer Vest x 5
    * Youth Protector Glasses x 12
    * Box of foam hearing protection
    * 7 cans of bug spray
    * 500 .223 brass with spent primer
    * 500 .223 bullets

    * Ruger 10/22
    * Ruger 10/22 Youth Stock Model
    * M&P 15-22
    * WASR-10

    * Three 5gal water coolers filled with water/ice
    * Two 10gal coolers

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    Still in. Will talk to my step daughter and her fiancee this weekend about helping too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi View Post

    1. actaeon277
    2. actaeon277's dad
    3. actaeon277's brother
    2. actaeon277's dad (Larry)
    3. actaeon277's brother (Adam)
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    My daughter and I are in. If no one else has volunteered to cook and serve, we can do this.
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    I'm in at the 50yd the wife is out. She has a craft show that weekend.
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    I am still able to volunteer
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    I will instruct/coach the 25 or 50 yd line.

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    I'm in.
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    In as promised.

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