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    I plan on being there.
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    Well....uh.......I got nothing man.
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    Doc told me MAYBE, so I guess my answer is MAYBE….
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    What a great day that will be too! Hope I see you on the New Earth.

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    Alas, I wont make it. I'll be in Bedford at a Revere's Riders shoot.

    Have fun, guys. You'll love the improvements!
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    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    The wife and I should be there again.

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    I was just out at Proteq this weekend and I think everyone's going to like the additions that Don has been making. The berm that separates the 150 yard rifle range and the steel action bays is complete/nearly complete (there is a full berm, just not sure how tall they are going to make it... but it's over head height now). I know he's got more berms planned along the pistol bay, separating out the slightly longer short rifle/shotgun targets (where we've normally had the full auto shooting), plus some other additions.
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    I'm gonna do my best to make it. I really enjoyed it the last time I went.

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    The 150 yard berm is complete at 16 foot high. A 160 yard long safety wall is complete between the Rifle and the C.A.R. A NEW perimeter enclosed range (located WEST of the C.A.R.) is operational and will be the temporary shotgun field for this INGO DAY. 400 yards of trees have been removed and the 500 yard Rifle range is beginning to form in a THIRD Valley. It is NOT yet operational. Other improvements are in progress (roofs, another safety wall, drains, drives, and parking lots). ProTEQ is undergoing major changes. WE are preparing for your event and have a second Open House the Following Day (Sunday 9/23/18). TOP GUNS of Terre Haute (one of the LARGEST Gun Shops & Indoor Ranges in the Midwest) is sponsoring a 1 to 4 pm event with machine guns demonstrations, pistol competitions, and other activities. Come out and enjoy BOTH.
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    Will try but as usual there are 2 other things going on the same weekend already.

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    It's on my calendar and the Mrs gave me the go ahead. I plan to be there.
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    Just might be free to come and join the festivities..
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