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    Quote Originally Posted by warthog View Post
    Hope the canon will be done for the next shoot as well as the rest of Beowulf's stuff, looks like it was a hoot!
    Well, I don't want to make promises... but real progress is finally being made on the carriage. I gave up on doing it myself and found a local carpenter/furniture restorer who was willing to take on the project. I've provide him with all the parts at this point, except the wheels (no need to clutter up his shop with them yet) and he has at least started actually cutting some wood for the trail. So, I'm really, really hoping it will be done before the Spring shoot (and tested).

    I know there are few other guys around with blackpowder cannons. Maybe we can convince some of them to come out for an event (if Don is willing to host) for some live fire artillery on the range. But, before we go that route, I need to get my gun finished and prove that it can shoot safely and of course, can shoot safely at the range.
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    That would be great, I had one when I lived in the country but sold it when I moved to the suburbs. I loved the BOOM!
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    What a great day that will be too! Hope I see you on the New Earth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmerdan View Post
    This was a great weekend. I went today for Top Guns demo and it was great. If anyone has never been to ProTeq you should really consider them. Don and his son Steven are awesome and they really make you feel welcome.

    Who had the Vickers?
    This space for rent. I doubt you'll like the rates...

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