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    7th Annual NWI INGO/Winamac DNR Youth Day - Volunteers/Donors - SAT 08 JUN 2019

    Link to Flyer

    We need a MINIMUM of 17 instructors/range officers to make this happen.
    As many of you are aware we have had our own internal debate going on since the last event about doing this event again due to the new DNR range rules. The rule of no OC/CC handguns on the range still stands. You can read all about why here. If you want to debate that topic do it on THAT thread. I need this thread devoted ONLY to who will help and donors.

    For those new to this event here is a link to our past events.
    The 6th annual event is here.
    The 5th annual event is here and it has links to all the prior years in post 1.

    So here is what we need to talk about right now.

    1) Can you volunteer?
    - We need firearms instructors to teach the kids (we can supply you with a .22lr longgun and ammo if needed)
    - We need skeet/trap operators and instructors
    - We need safety range officers to oversee each of the areas (4 to 5 ranges)

    Optional helpers
    - We need photographers
    - We need ammo runners (to take ammo to the various benches)
    - We need greeters

    You can't volunteer (in person) but want to help?

    The past 6 years INGO member have been kind and generous in donating ammo (.22lr mainly) for this event.
    Once again we need donations to make this even possible.
    - .22lr ammo mainly
    - .223 and 7.62x39 for the single 'big rifles bench'
    (does not matter if you are not in NWI we have members that go all over the state and can bring back your ammo donation)
    - money donations for t-shirts for the volunteers (d.kaufman is handling this for us this year)
    - plywood/money donations for the range itself

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    25 Yard Range
    Bench 1: acteon277
    Bench 2: bloodandgutsmurphy
    Bench 3: MRockwell
    Range Officer: Chef Larry

    50 Yard Range
    1. d.kaufman (left hand rifle)
    2. usmccookie
    3. 1775usmarine
    4. 1775usmarine cousin
    5. Audie Murphy (AR and AK bench)
    Range Officer 1: Blue Falcon
    Range Officer 2: blue falcon friend, mark

    100 Yard Range (Skeet)
    Bay 1
    Instructor: Ballstater98
    Operator: mmpsteve

    Bay 2
    Instructor: bigretic
    Operator: actaeons brother

    Range Officer: Actaeon's Dad (Mr. Larry)

    Reloading Demo at 200 yard range bench
    Spencer Rifle doing .223 reloading demo (Jedi will supply bullets and cases)


    Jedi Jr (Ammo Runner)

    .22lr current = 16348 (as of 4/12/2019)
    Prior year on hand inventory = 7875

    500 from MRockwell
    500 from Acteaon
    500 from chemteach
    500 from spencer rifle
    700 from 1911 Mark (Jedi has)
    500 from d.kaufman
    4125 from ballstarter98 (ammo mule donations from mgderf, schmart, churchmouse, notalenbum, wtburnette)
    1148 from farmerdan via ballstarter98

    .223 current = 1808 (as of 1/8/2019)
    Prior year on hand inventory = 1608
    chemteach = 100
    100 from ballstarter98 (ammo mule donations from mgderf, schmart, churchmouse, notalenbum, wtburnette)

    7.62x39 current = 927 (as of 4/12/2019)
    Prior year on hand inventory = 532
    395 from ballstarter98 (ammo mule donations from mgderf, schmart, churchmouse, notalenbum, wtburnette, 88E30M50)


    1. blue falcon
    2. usmccookie
    3. d.kaufman
    4. chef larry
    5. acteon277
    6. acteon277's brother, Adam
    7. acteon277's father
    8. MRockwell
    9. 1775usmarine
    10. 1775usmarine's cousin
    11. Audie Murphy
    12. Ballstater98
    13. spencer rifle, reloading
    14. bloodandgutsmurphy
    15. blue falcon friend mark
    16. bigretic
    17. mmpsteve
    18. repeter1977
    19. BuickGS
    20. Jedi
    21. Jedi Jr.

    * Yellow Range Officer Vest x 5
    * Youth Protector Glasses x 12
    * Box of foam hearing protection
    * 7 cans of bug spray
    * 500 .223 brass with spent primer
    * 500 .223 bullets
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    50 yd RO 1 and possibly 2

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    Where ever you need me, I can bring Whatever ammo you need and I have a couple boxes of earplugs around here somewhere.

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    Obviously I'm in.

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    25 yard RO. Okay?
    Knowledge keeps one from being vulnerable.

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    In. Where ever needed. (usually stationed in the skeet area in the past, but wherever needed)
    Lifetime LTCH; Lifetime NRA Member; Maker's Mark Ambassador #780040; GOA Member #23463299

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    Put me at the 50 as usual. My cousin she can either be on the 50 next to me or if she is any good at shotgun on the trap side. Will get a better answer in the coming few days.
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    If anyone wants to donate or solicits any donations for the event to go towards the shirts you can pm me at anytime. I can take cash, personal or buisness checks, as well as PayPal friends and family or Chase Pay.

    I have $40 in cash that was donated at last years event to get us started.

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    OK with reloading if that's what's needed.
    Otherwise I can be on any range needed.

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