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    OK hold on to it for next year. I'll update the post in a sec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi View Post
    Pre event Pot: $14.43
    Expenses: $0.00
    Donations: $0.00
    Post event pot: $14.43

    Post event T-Shirt Fund: $20.00

    --FOOD STATUS---

    Balance Start: 16,348 (this counts ammo instructors brought on hand as well)
    Balance End: 11,953 (on hand with Jedi) + 1,000 (d. kaufman)
    Usage: 3,395 (note 1)

    Balance Start: 927
    Balance End: 857
    Usage: 70 (note 2)

    Estimates Start: 1808
    Ending Balance: 1322
    Usage: 486 (note 3)

    NOTE 1:
    I do not believe the usage count is correct as last year with the same attendance we went thru 2.5K of ammo. This time we doubled it which I highly doubt is the case. The end number is correct as that is what Jedi has on hand. No need for .22lr ammo donations for next time.

    NOTE 2:
    Very few shot the WASR as their was a SCAR .223 at the same bench along with 2 other ARs.

    NOTE 3:
    Everyone wanted to shoot the SCAR .223 and many came back multiple times to shoot it. Most kids know what the SCAR is from the video games they play so they naturally want to shoot it as oppose to the other center fire rifles.

    DNR reported that 70 people attended the event down from 71 in 2018 and 128 in 2017 (highest ever).

    Participates: 70
    DNR Staff: 10 (includes 1 spouse of DNR)
    4-H: 2
    INGO: 21

    No equipment failure reported.

    Another successful event all because of you guys!
    Thanks to everyone that pitched in to help be it the day of the event or on the per-event with donations, bring ammo from other parts of the state, etc. I can NOT stress enough that without your help none of those kids smiles would have been possible. We had first time shooter families that came from Chicago and Indianapolis for this event! That is a 3+ hour drive for them. Your generosity is appreciated by the DNR staff and me.

    The cook once again outdid himself. I'm not a big fan of bacon but this bacon was oh so good. Not your typical store bought stuff. Burgers, hot dogs, brauts and ribs. If you missed the baked beans you missed out on some good stuff!
    Jedi Jr. does NOT eat them and he wanted 2nds of them!

    Our ninja photographer outdid herself once again! She was all over the place and as you saw in the posts above she captured the moments perfectly!

    A special thanks to d.kaufman for handling T-shirt fundraising and ordering. We all looked nice and bright and sharp for the event. Next year I might just rig the vote so we get PINK.

    Lastly to all our instructors and ROs who made sure we had another successful and safe event. You **ARE** this event because it is your hard work during this day that shows these families that the guns are not evil or anything to be scared of.

    I'll be sure to bring the SCAR next year, or be sure its there. It certainly gets a lot of use, as it did again Saturday and I'm sure will again this weekend.
    Also, great job everyone.

    Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

    This is my BOOMSTICK- Ash, Army of Darkness

    Trust me, i KNOW what I'm doing- Sledge Hammer

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