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    Quote Originally Posted by KJQ6945 View Post
    It was good to see everyone today, and all the improvements going on at Proteq. I missed the spring shoot this year, so I haven't been there since last fall. The amount of work that Don and Stephen have put into the facility, in that time is amazing. Thank you both, for your very generous hospitality.

    I would encourage everyone to go out and meet Don and Stephen, and take a look around. It's worth the drive.
    And worth the membership. You can get an annual membership for the equivalent of a couple hours of indoor range time. I have only been out once or twice this year, and I still feel I got a great deal on my premium family membership.
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    A confused cop is an arresty cop.
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    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameramonkey View Post
    Must have been idiots doing it on regular days and leaving it.

    I overheard Steve telling the story of him and his daughter having to clean up some clowns watermelons.
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    Which is why in a post-apocalyptic world, never, ever let screenwriters have any input on security, strategery, or tactics.

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    Try and comprehend when I post here and LEARN!

    Assault is a behavior, not a device.

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    Hey guys! Stephen from ProTEQ here. It was a pleasure seeing you and we look forward to having you back in the spring! Thank you all for your support and encouraging words!

    Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk - Custom holsters that are comfortable, safe, and built to last a lifetime. Firearms Engineering Consultation for the gun industry, privately contracted and serving both inventors and established large companies. - ProTEQ Firearms Academy - Public shooting range, offering amenities for pistol, shotgun, carbine, and rifle. Open 365 days a year from 8am-8pm/sunset. 3 levels of membership. Tactical/Defensive firearms training from basic to advanced.

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    Wow, a big group.

    I'm bummed I couldn't make it down for this one, but happy to hear y'all had fun. Hopefully I'll be able to make it in the spring.
    Well the sheriff couldn't catch me now, but his little girl? Sure wish she would.

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    great day at Proteq !!! i think we may have broken the record for attendance this time :-) thanks to everyone who came out & your loss to those who couldn’t make it .... Donna certainly enjoyed feeding everyone , she appreciates all your comments on her cookin’ !!!! see y’all in the spring

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    Hopefully, some of the other folks who attended will post their pictures and video out here. I had my hands full, so I didn't take any, but thankfully, I've been sent some good ones of the cannon firing.

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    I uploaded mine to IMGUR. Links below, along with description so you don't lose your place trying to view them lol
    That's more like it!

    Watercooled MG

    Suppressed, full auto M16.

    Big vs Little


    Suppressed 300 Blackout

    Suppressed .223, 300 yards.
    Suppressed .223, 400 yards.

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