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    Porter County Knife and gun show Meet & Eat

    The time is set at 2:30 PM

    I am trying to put together a meet and eat for this Saturday afternoon at Industrial Revolution.

    If we have 5 there will be a door prize either a 7.62 ammo can or a 50, .380 ball, Your choice.

    If we have 10 both door prizes will be awarded. First winner has choice.

    If we have 15 a n INGO challenge coin will be awarded also, but only to a site supporter.

    So far we have 4 possibles. Dkaufman, marvin02, Actaeon and moi.

    We may have a bit of a problem with the time I hope we can work it out. I would like to make as accessible as possible.
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    I'm In

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    Grandmaster chef larry's Avatar

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    Put me in for a maybe please.
    Knowledge keeps one from being vulnerable.

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    Quit looking - no quality posts here.

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    I'm in
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    Le mot juste 2A_Tom's Avatar

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    Four, maybe five. Ask people you know to come.

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    I'm a maybe.


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    Come on you thugs!!!
    Are you gonna let the rednecks beat you!
    Is jedi gonna have to called pinkfather to come out and give ya hugs!!!

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    Unless I have a tn attack or similar, count me in for the eat part. Probably won’t attempt the show part though.
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    Damn... I have to keep score for Barstool Golf at the VFW... Only been to a meet & eat once, years ago...

    You know what I like best about most people? Their dogs.

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