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    Post Would you like YOUR review in this forum?


    We hope that this forum encourages INGOers to take the time to document their experiences with various guns and gear, so that the rest of us can learn from those experiences.

    If you have put together a review, please start by posting it in the appropriate forum. If you're reviewing a Glock 19, post it in the Handguns forum. If you're reviewing a new tactical light, post it in the Accessories and Gear forum. Reviews on knives go in the Cutting Edge forum.

    It also helps if you identify your thread as a review by titling it "Review: Item".

    Reviews must include pictures, as they add information that sometimes can't be captured in just words.

    Reviews must also be somewhat organized into a discernible structure. No one will force you to use bullet points, but please at least make use of paragraphs. Comparisons and pro/con can also be helpful.

    Once you've posted your review in the appropriate forum, send Moderator Roadie a PM with a link to your thread and a request that it be placed in the INGO Real World Reviews forum.

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