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    Review: Spikes Tactical Billet Lower

    If you are not familiar with Spikes Tactical: IMO they build an excellent quality product, stand behind their products, and one of the best levels of Customer Service I have ever worked with. Their primary product lines revolve around the AR15/M16 platform. They are also very knowledgeable about running their equipment on the Class 3 side of the industry.

    My only complaint about Spikes so far is their generic website (Which they are getting ready to upgrade). This review is regarding their Billet Lower

    Spike's Tactical Biohazard BILLET Upper/Lower Set

    ***The link above is for the Billet Set you can purchase just the lower*****

    They have added a number of advanced features to this lower as you will see in the following pics.

    Construction: Very solid, great finish, all edges are sharp smooth and clean, roll marks are crisp and clear.

    Features that they added: The entire lower can be put together or taken apart with out a punch. They have also captured the majority of the springs.

    Captured buffer retaining pin

    Captured take down pin spring & upper lower tension adjust

    Top of nylon tip set screw for upper to lower tension

    No roll pin for bolt catch

    This is one of my favorite features: Ambidextrous bolt release located above mag release comes already installed. Easily reached with trigger finger.

    Flared magwell: Has snugly fit my Pmags and steel mags. easily drops all empty mags I have tried. It is also a good fit with the 9mm magazine adapter.

    Front of Mag well with chevron grips

    Trigger Guard wide open for shooting with gloves: As you can see from the pictures you can not change this. It provides me with enough room with sausage fingers in gloves and I feel it adds even more strength to the lower.

    General Pictures: Please excuse the black electrical tape used to block serial# and C3 markings for SBR

    This is just a pic with the spikes 9mm billet upper attached. I have used a couple uppers from Bushmaster, LMT, Spikes, and a couple cheap brand x uppers. All fit the lower with ease and are not sloppy. Fired everyone of them just fine.

    Their website really does not do this lower justice. You do not have to buy an upper receiver to get a lower you can just purchased a billet lower. They also can color fill the roll marks for you in a few different colors. If you do become interested in one of these I would highly recommend calling them to pick out the options you want. I got mine stripped just because of what I wanted to do but, if you order a complete they will install everything free of charge.

    In assembling the lower myself the tolerances are excellent. All the parts went in with ease but, are not loose fitting. It costs a little more than a Plane Jane lower but, I would recommend it to anyone. Spikes focuses on quality and function first then they add just that little touch to make it look B.A..

    This is all JMHO

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