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    Review: RMJ Tactical Tomahawks Shrike S13

    This review is in regards to RMJ Tactical and a Shrike S13 I have purchased from them. I am no expert and this is all JMHO.

    If you are not familiar with RMJ Tactical below is the link to their web site and 2 videos that got me the most interested in their product and company.


    Modern Marvels

    Their personal demo with the Eagle Talon

    I believe RMJ is a family owned and run business. They contract out other companies to perform the hammer forge of the Tomahawks. I spoke with them a few times regarding what model was best for me along with ordering the model. Every time I spoke with them they provided great Customer Service. They seemed to know their product very well and willing to spend as much time with you as needed.

    Below is the Tomahawk I purchased. It is a Shrike head but has a shorter handle and known as the S13

    The handle offers electrical insulation of at least 1500 Volts. It came with a Kydex Scabbard with belt loop hooks (pictured below).

    You will see the spike in the back is sharpened to a point. This is supposed to be able to go through a helmet. You will also see the hook at the bottom of the head is also sharpened on the inside.

    I was impressed with the thickness of the tomahawk.

    The handle is textured and hard plastic. The handle can purchased in Black or in tan. There is also a screw on cap on the bottom of the handle. It is supposed to carry a sharpening stone but, they were temporarily out of stones and already informed me they would ship it for free as soon as it arrives.

    The spike on the cap provides another good striking point. However, I am kind of disappointed in the cap for this model. Being a striking point I would have thought the inside of the handle would have been threaded in the steel. The threads in the handle are actually just cut into the hard rubber handle. The hard rubber handle does seem sturdy and perhaps this has something to do the electrical insulation. For the way the rest of this is built I would have thought it would be threaded into the rest of the tomahawk.

    There are other carry options available this is the Kydex Scabbard included. It is very sturdy and holds the tomahawk tight enough that you wouldn't necessarily need to use the buckle to keep in the Scabbard but, it's nice the buckle is there.

    The overall hawk with scabbard weighs in at ~1lbs 10oz. I wish I could provide actual information regarding using this in the field. Unfortunately, I can not because I have decided to return mine. After looking at it and handling it it I would easily believe it will perform all the function demoed in the second Youtube video at the top.

    There are a couple factors as to why I am returning mine. Some of the down sides to RMJ is the typical lead time 3 -4 months. Unless, you get lucky and they are in stock. The other down side is their price. If you are going to use this in the field strictly as a Tomahawk to be abused it should be great for you!! I was going to use it more for camping but, thought it just looked B.A.. I do understand what a hammer forged finish looks like. But, for $400 I just had a picture in my mind that the head was going to be a little larger and all the lines and their logo was going to be a lot cleaner looking. If they make a more cost effective one down the road I would probably buy that one.

    ****Just to be clear**** I think RMJ is very customer service oriented company and their products are a rugged, built to be abused, and quality product. It just didn't fit my pocket book and personal need this time but, I will continue to watch what they make next.

    All this is JMO!

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