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    Review: Hi-Point 4595 .45ACP Carbine

    Hi-Point model 4595ts, 45 acp Carbine, plain jane Ėw- no options, and standard factory sights, purchased new, from Beech Grove Firearms for somewhere around $300 plus tax.

    Ok, first of all, lets get this out of the way***,, ya itís a ďHi-PointĒ and yes, you will eventually get over it, even if you donít want to.

    I forgot to take a before pic, so here is the one off of Hi-Points website.

    Barrel length: 16.5"
    Overall length: 31.5 "
    Weight: 7 lbs.
    Stock: All weather polymer
    Finishes offered: Black
    Capacity: 9-shot magazine standard
    Sights: Fully-adjustable

    That said, straight out of the box, this is one #@% ugly gun, the factory sights suck, the trigger is horrible, the sling it comes with is useless, and itís heavy.
    On the plus side, this thing is a BLAST to shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Range Trip #1
    Ammo was home rolled 230 gr LRN, tumble lubed with 50/50 mix of Johnsons Paste Wax and Alox, over 5 gr of W231, ignited by Wolf LP primers. The gun functioned flawlessly with no FTF or FTE over the 100 rounds I put through it, and a dry patch run through the barrel several times didnít pick up any lead. Light recoil due to the blowback operating system combined with a spring loaded butt plate, makes shooting this carbine very comfortable. The trigger pull was horrible, very heavy and so gritty I would have sworn there was an acre of sand in the receiver. The factory sight adjustment just plain sucked, and I never did get them dead on, but the group size was excellent, -w- a silver dollar covering 9 rounds at 10 yds, and I was able to hit a pop bottle 5 out of 9 at 50 yds. The magazine release, although placed on the pistol grip where it would work well if the gun was a pistol, is a little unhandy to operate on the carbine. When released, the empty magazines easily drop free, and the slightly over sized mag well opening, allows for fast reloads.
    Carbine is tons of fun and comfortable to shoot, needs some trigger work, along with a good sight system, and needs pimped out with a few accessories.

    At home on the bench, I found that disassembly for cleaning was rather simple but didnít particularly like that removing the breech bolt from the barrel would require removing the front iron sight. This is more of an annoyance than anything, because you can still get to everything, but it is awkward and you risk scratching the barrel. The firing control group is rather primitive but appears to be fairly heavy duty, so should hold up reasonably well. After removing a ďlotĒ of stamping burrs and rough edges, I was able to smooth up and lighten the trigger to a functionally acceptable level. The factory rear sight was removed and replaced with a Primary Arms M4 style red dot, and a little bling was added in the form of a Magpul AFG along with a Compensator and Dual Mag Holder, both from Hi-Point.

    And here we go all pimped out

    Accessories Added
    Primary Arms M4 Style Red Dot Ėw- Flash Kill, No Magnification

    Magpul AFG (Installed ďAfterĒ Range Trip #2)
    Hi-Point Compensator

    Hi-Point Dual Magazine Holder (purchased as a package Ėw- 2 mags for a savings of $)

    Range Trip #2
    Ammo was the same home rolled as range trip #1, and this trip functioned flawlessly for 200 rounds. The trigger, although nothing to particularly brag about, was considerably lighter and smoother to start, and seemed to get better the more times it was pulled. The PA M4 Style Red Dot, is a lower 1/3rd co witness, and once set, I found will require modification of the factory front sight shroud from a full, down to a ĺ circle to provide a proper sight picture. The first shot was dead on horizontal, and only about 5Ē low, so walking it up only took a few rounds. I was also pleased to find that the carbines recoil is soft enough, that target reacquisition is surprisingly quick, as the bull never left the optics field of view. After burning through about 150+ rounds I decided I had better run a couple of targets for this review, so I put 9 rounds in target #1 from a rest at 10 yds slow fire. On target #2, the tight group is 9 rounds slow fire, and the remaining 9 are rapid fire at 25 yds. At 50 yds the lack of magnification in the optic, made it difficult for these old tired eyes to see the bull, but I was able to keep everything on paper, and over 95% inside the outer ring.

    Target #1

    Target #2

    Yup itís a Hi-Point, yup itís #%@$ ugly, but IMO a cool sort of ugly, and for a .45 acp, it is a tack driver. Iím not sure I will be able to put 9 through the same hole, like I did with the same basic gun in a 9mm, but I think I can get close. With one in the chamber, a full mag in the mag well, and 2 mounted on the stock, it gives you 28 rounds of .45 acp ready to grab and go. With 300 rounds down range with nary a hiccup I am confidant that reliability will not be any different than any other gun I own, and I will post an update to this post at 1,000 then again at 2,000 rounds down the pipe along with any problems as they arise. I still need to mount a flip up rear sight for a back up, but I am going to have to find one the right height first. For under $350 out the door, the 4595ts is a lot of bang and fun for the buck, and even on a modest budget, can be pimped out rather nicely.

    If you arenít afraid being seen with your hands on a Hi-Point Carbine come on up to ECPR this summer and Iíll let you fondle, and maybe even give you a chance to get a finger on her trigger a few times.

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