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    Review: KelTec RFB

    Iíve had my KelTech RFB for about a year now and have fired about 750 rounds through the rifle since I got it. The RFB comes with a factory rail, but no optics are supplied. I pulled the ACOG with Docter Red Dot off my FS2000 and mounted it for my first range trip. The ACOG requires about 1 Ĺ inch eye relief so I set it up that way before heading to the range.

    I fired about 20 rounds using the Red Dot to get my initial sight adjustments. I didnít have any problems until I started pulling my head down to sight through the scope. The RFB has some recoil and the top of the stock is flat and smooth. There was enough travel on recoil that the manual rain sight, mounted on to of the red dot was contacting my forehead. I managed to get the scope set for 200 yards and the RFB was very accurate using Prvi Partizan 168 gr HPBT match ammo. I guess I got too relaxed and forgot about the eye relief. I fired at 300 yards and got a nice divot in my forehead from the rain sight. I didnít learn from my first divot. I started shooting out to 500 yards and the RFB was dead on target using the BDC reticle in the ACOG. I managed to ding my forehead 2-3 more times shooting out to 500 yards and the blood dripping off my nose seemed to distract some of the other shooters.

    I put the RFB up for the day and waited until I replaced the ACOG with an EoTech with a lot more eye relief. On the second trip to the range I took along some MagTech 150 gr rounds. I wanted to test some lighter loads to see if I would have to adjust the piston on the RFB. The gun has handled everything Iíve fired through it without having to make any piston adjustments. I shot some surplus ball ammo and some of my reloads through it and have not had any failures or malfunctions. The RFB seems to group the 168 gr loads a little tighter than the 150s. Switching from the ACOG reticle to the Eotech red dot seemed to make it more difficult to hold decent groups at 500 yards. The best I was able to shoot was a 12 inch group at 500 yards using the Prvi match ammo. I need to look for optics with more eye relief, but I havenít gotten around to that yet.

    Iím very happy with the RFB. I Have the FN FS2000 and an MSAR, both in .223 and the RFB with the 18 inch barrel is shorter than the other two by an inch. The RFB is heavier, but the added weight helps dissipate some of the recoil. In addition, the .308 carries more punch and has better penetration then the .223.

    The front discharge for the ejected cases takes some getting used to. The discharge tube will hold 3-4 cases and then all will drop out at once. If you eject an unfired round, you have to hold the rifle barrel down to make sure the round drops out of the tube. The FS2000 has a chamber inspection port to make it easier to clear the weapon. With the RFB, I have to lock the bolt back and look up through the empty mag well to make sure the chamber is clear. Cleaning and disassembly is not difficult. So far I havenít had any problems with the weapon. I think this is one of KelTechís best designs. The trigger pull is clean and crisp and much better than most bullpup triggers.

    The RFB came with 1 20 round magazine. I found some new, surplus FAL metric mags on the web for $72 (4 pack). They were produced in Israel in 1976 and still wrapped in the original packing and cosmoline. It took 3-4 hours to get all the cosmoline out and clean the mags, but they feed and function well. I did notice with the original magazine and the 4 surplus mags that a fully loaded mag ( 20 rounds) was very difficult to fully seat with the bolt closed. I got used to carrying 18 rounds in all my M16 mags back in 67 and 68 and I just load 18 rounds in the FAL mags.

    If your looking for an accurate, hard hitting bullpup, this would be my #1 recommendation.

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