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    Review: CVA SCOUT .44 mag Rifle

    Until a couple of weeks ago, Iwas unaware that CVA made a single shot center fire only rifle. I knew they made interchangeable center fire barrels for the Optima Elite, but not a stand alone center fire rifle. While visiting my local gun shop 2 weeks ago, I spied what I thought at first was a scoped H&R Handi Rifle with a fluted barrel. It turned out to be a CVA SCOUT in .44 MAG/w a KONUS 3x9x40 scope, blued (also comes in 416 stainless) fluted barrel and a soft carrying case. I really liked the feel, balance and fit, so having wanted a .44 MAG rifle for a while, I purchased it.

    I was told at the shop that the Scout beat out the Handi Rifle for rifle of the year (in its class) and I can see why. Now, I own two Handi Rifles (.357 MAX and .500 S&W) and like them dearly. But the CVA SCOUT does have a number of advantages. The Scout has a 100% ambidextrous cheek rest butt stock and a reversible hammer spur (great for the lefties). The breeching button is located just forward of the trigger guard (like their muzzle loaders), is smooth and easy to operate. The Scout weighs in at 5.8 lbs.(and according to CVA, is 1.2 lbs. lighter than the Handi Rifle. The standard 22” Fluted barrel comes in either blued or 416 stainless. It also comes ready to go in its standard form with the DURASIGHT, DEAD-ON, Z2 alloy, Integral Scope Rail, Base/Rings system. So it is ready to slap your favorite scope on. Or like the one I purchased, it can be bought already scoped and with a soft CVA logo carry case. And one of the neatest options I’ve seen, it’s available in a Compact version for the youth hunter, or as a truck/brush gun. The barrel is 2” shorter at 20” and the stock is 1” shorter. But if the young’un sprouts up a bit, or if it is more comfortable for you, a coupon for the purchase of the full-length standard stock is included with each SCOUT COMPACT gun, allowing up-sizing to afull-length stock. Calibers available in the Standard SCOUT include .243, 7mm-08, .270, .30-06, .44 magnum, .35 Whelen, and 12 Gauge Rifled Slug, that all come with the standard stock and 22” barrel. And a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!

    So far I have a whole lot of pluses for the SCOUT and no minuses. It is a good tight firearm, with a great feel and balance. The trigger pull on mine is light, crisp and smooth (I’ve read the trigger pull is around 3 lbs. That feels right I guess, but have not verified that). On top of that it seems to be a sweet and accurate shooter. Idid not get as much range time as I would have liked (due to weather and time constraints)but did get a quick sight in, with good results so far.

    First Range Report

    Initial sight in set up as follows: Target stand set up @ 60yds with an 8” Shoot N See target mounted on cardboard, a Caldwell Rifle rest, CVA SCOUT using Hornady 225gr. FTX Levolution ammo @ Muzzle1410 FPS. Started out shooting way low, but with three major elevation changes(20 clicks each) it stepped right into the bull area and stayed there for a decent grouping. To gauge the difference, I then shot four rounds of Hornady240gr XTP ammo @ Muzzle 1350 FPS. There was little or no difference (only theshooter) in the grouping @ 60 yds.

    In summary, I would certainly recommend taking a good look at the CVA SCOUT line of center fire rifles. They are versatile, solid and affordable. And with a lifetime warranty, durability should be no problem. I am happy to add the SCOUT to my deer hunting arsenal. After previewing this review, it sounded like I am really plugging the CVA SCOUT. Let me assure you I am not a dealer or have any kind of dog in that hunt. I am just an INgoer who spent his hard earned cash on something he really likes so far. If I would want another single shot I would add the CVA to my compare list. Thanks and good shooting. Mos

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