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    Thumbs up Review: CCK Holsters OWB with Thumb Break - HK USP .40

    Review: CCK Holsters OWB Holster with Thumb Break- HK USP .40

    I have quite a bit experience with various kydex holster manufacturers over the years. Some have been great, others not so much. And it seems like the ones that make great holsters end up jacking up their prices after successfully being in the market for a few months. I tend to lose interest when the holster prices go from $65 to $85 overnight and then they continually creep upward. Iíll pay that much for a leather holster, but not for kydex. This is just one poor manís opinion. Take it for what it is worth.

    With my recent acquisition of a Heckler and Koch USP in .40 S&W, I needed a concealment holster with a level two retention setup. I use my pistols for work, so my holsters require at least two levels of retention. My search started in the usual places at major kydex holster manufacturers, but the prices were in the region of ridiculousness. I was then pointed towards a newer holster maker on the Indiana Gun Owners forum (, CCK Holsters. Members were raving about his work and there were ample examples of his work on the forum showcasing everything from light-bearing holsters to simple paddle rigs. I asked him about doing a holster for my USP and he immediately responded that he would get a mold and get to work. I needed a Level 2 holster with 1.5Ē belt loops.

    Let me list some of the options CCK offers. I will say that he will basically build any holster to your liking.

    Thumb Break / SLS Hood
    CCK will do holsters with a thumb break or with the Safariland SLS hood. I felt that the thumb break would conceal better, so I went with the traditional thumb break instead. The integration of either one is quite well done and solid.

    Adjustable Retention
    Each CCK holster features adjustable retention by use of phillips screws. You can adjust the first level of retention to your liking. These are well integrated, quality pieces of hardware.

    Holster Attachment Method
    Whether you want a paddle or belt loops of various sizes, CCK will do it to order.

    Adjustable Ride
    The loops can be moved up and down to adjust the ride level of the holster.

    Various Cants
    I specified my holster with a 15 degree cant due it being a larger frame handgun, but you can ask for other cant amounts or no cant.

    Kydex Colors
    I joked that I should have gotten more pink on my holster, but CCK will do a holster in a specific color/pattern if there is kydex to do it.

    My Holster
    CCK had my holster molded and put together within days of first contacting him. He sent pictures to me first to verify the order and to see if I liked it. I immediately paid and it arrived at my house a few days later.

    Overall Fit
    The USP fits perfectly with no wobble or movement. There is a satisfying click as the trigger guard engages the kydex. As with any new kydex holster, I had to do some draws to get it smooth, but there is no excessive tightness anywhere when holstering and unholstering. The rivets are also well-fitted, resulting in a holster body that feels solid and well put together with or without my USP in it.

    The thumb break fits extremely well. It is snug against the pistol, but is smooth to disengage while drawing and easy to engage after reholstering. But I would not need to rush to button the thumb break as the level one retention is excellent and holds my USP extremely well.

    Various Carry Method Capable
    The USP variants with the safety/decocker allow for cocked and locked carry or double-action carry. CCKís holster allows for either style of carry. The channel around the safety is molded in a more open way to allow for either safety position; on or off. The thumb break can also be used with double-action or single-action mode. It seems to protect the firing pin in case the hammer drops.

    This is what seems to separate serious kydex holster manufacturers from fly-by-night operations. Many will leave various edges rough or unfinished. My holster is extremely well finished. All edges are rounded and smoothed, including the belt loop attachments. You can see this in the pictures.

    How Does it Carry?
    Using a Daltech Force 1.5Ē Biobelt, I tested how it carries. Keep in mind, the USP is a big gun, so there are limits to the concealability of the USP just due to size. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that even the USP can disappear under a light cover garment as seen in the photos. While carrying it around the 4:00 position, I donít show any extra bulk from the front or sides. The cant helps out with the appearance from the sides and the extremely close fit to the body helps with the view from the front. You can see how tightly it fits in the photos.

    My one observation is that the ďwingedĒ area at the rear of the holster could use a little more curvature to fit my body style. But it also might make 3:00 carry a little more uncomfortable.

    The ride height is about perfect out of the box, but it can be adjusted to ride a little higher if necessary. But if I move it higher, Iím afraid that it would make it uncomfortable when bending to the sides. As it sits now, it is very comfortable for extended carry time.

    CCK Holsters did an excellent job with this one. Iíll be carrying it for a long time and Iím already planning on ordering some magazine holders and a few more holsters. OWB with a thumb break was $65, $55 without a thumb break as of this writing. Iím sure turnaround will be based on demand, so if you do go to CCK, do not get upset if it takes more time.

    Contact Info:
    Facebook: CCK Holsters
    Instagram: @HPClayto_CCK HPClayto

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