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    Review: Sig Sauer P320 .40 Full-Size Range Report and Review

    Sig Sauer P320 .40 Full Size Range Report and Review

    So I will be honest, I was not completely sold on the P320 when it was first released. I saw it as just a rebranded P250 that was adapted as a striker-fired gun. The P250 is a great buy now as long as you are okay with the long DAO pull, but I wasn’t amazed with it. The P320 seemed like a half-hearted effort to go after the striker-fired market. I was extremely impressed with a 9mm P226 that I owned and I wanted to give one a shot.

    Search for a Replacement Duty Weapon

    As an LEO, we are issued Gen 4 Glock 23s (.40 S&W). It’s not my first choice as a duty weapon. The size is nice, but the recoil can be somewhat punishing on long range days. It’s just not a great duty platform for the .40, in my opinion. We also have had intermittent issues with running weapon lights on the Gen 4 Glock 23s along with the “brass in the face” issue that has been developing as we add rounds to the guns. Department policy allows for us to qualify with and carry personal weapons. So the search for a quality .40 began. I wanted something that was larger and softer shooting in the .40 flavor. The H&K USP was tested first. It was VERY soft shooting and is a quality .40 platform, but I didn’t like the slow-feeling cycling of the gun.

    I tried a few 9mms and finally put in an order for the .40 P320 with night sights out of Vance’s Law Enforcement in Ohio. They are an LEO Sig Sauer dealer. LEO pricing is $425 with contrast sights and $495 with Sig Night Sights. They also come with three magazines instead of the two included in the retail version.

    Fit and Finish

    The box is a quality lockable container with the normal items: sample of TW25 grease, orange chamber flag, three 14-round magazines, pistol, and a fairly nice SigTac paddle holster labeled for the P250.

    The pistol itself feels like a very high quality firearm. The barrel/slide lockup is tight and the slide moves very smoothly on the frame rails. In contrast to the Gen 4 Glock 23, the p320 is extremely easy to cycle and the front/rear serrations are useful for that task. My only gripe is that the frame seems to scratch easily. For my use, I really do not care about it and the frames can be replaced. But this may irritate some folks.

    At the Range

    I headed to the range with 100 rounds of Winchester 165-grain FMJs, 100 rounds of Remington 180-grain FMJs, and 20 rounds of Remington 180-grain Golden Saber JHPs. We issue 180-grain .40 Federal HST, but I didn’t have any on hand to test. I won’t carry it until I get some of our carry ammunition put through it.

    I started out at the 3-yard line and moved through the standard ILEA course of 3, 7, 15, and 25-yard shooting. The target pictured was just out to the 15-yard line. The trigger is pretty fantastic. I didn’t have a pull gauge, but it felt slightly heavier than the 5.5 pound Glock trigger. I already spent a lot of time dry-firing the P320 before and it lightened up before making it to the range. There is very little take up and a pretty crisp break.

    It is taking a little getting used to as my Glock trigger is not as short. The reset on the P320 is very short and has an easily felt “click”. One note, if you dry fire the gun without an empty magazine inserted, the trigger actually feels a little rougher. The slide also has more movement when the striker fires also. With a magazine inserted, it smoothes out and there is barely any slide movement. This is apparently something found in every P320 and has something to do with how the trigger and striker system is set up. Bruce Gray found no issues with it and it doesn't affect functioning of the gun.

    The gun is a heck of a lot more accurate than I am. Bruce Gray has had exceptional accuracy with the P320s and apparently it is touted as one of the most naturally accurate striker guns in the market. The Sig Night Sights are easy to pick up with a clear front sight and the rounds went where I wanted with a center hold on the target.

    One big thing is the grip shape and angle. I personally dislike the Glock’s grip due to it naturally pointing high for me. The P320 points naturally straight. No effort was needed to line up the sights. It is also very comfortable. I find that it adds to the ability to control the gun in rapid strings. The grip texturing is just about right also.

    Recoil is pretty soft. With a solid two-hand grip, the sights fell back on target quickly. Rapid strings were not an issue at all. Compared to even the Glock 22, I feel like the P320 is a little softer, but it is all relative.

    Reliability was 100% even with the Golden Sabers. I could not induce any sort of malfunction, including “limp wrist” malfunctions for which polymer guns are notorious.

    The steel magazines dropped free and the magazine release is easy to reach and actuate. The button sticks out fairly far. This is a lefty-friendly gun as the magazine release is reversible and it has an ambidextrous slide release.


    Overall, I am very impressed with the P320. Everything fits together in a great package for the price. Retail is not too much more than the LEO pricing. I think other striker-fired guns have some strong competition from the P320. I know of various departments picking it up, including some here in Indiana. I am looking forward to the .40 subcompact so I can the same magazines in it. The modularity combined with the other great features make this a great choice as a polymer carry gun. I plan on putting more rounds through it, including rounds with a weapon light attached to further test reliability. The one big downside right now is a lack of options for holsters with weapon lights. Safariland was supposed to release a light bearing 6360 in March, but that has yet to happen. Holsters without lights are available, though.

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