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    Review: Seahorse SE710 4-pistol travel case

    I got this at (the horror, I know) Gander Mountain on closeout for only about a dollar more than Amazon. A dollar well spent, IMO to get to feel and compare in person to the various other cases that they have there, particularly to the Pelican brand Cases. I found this Seahorse brand case to be of better quality than the house brand "Mil-Spec" cases, but not on the same level as the Pelican cases. In my opinion, the Price to Quality ratio makes this Seahorse a better deal than the Pelican.

    • Ease of separating the gridded foam insert
    • Aforementioned price point
    • Overall size - this thing is huge.
    • Locking points for padlocks outside of the latches. (For some reason, this seems sturdier to me.)
    • Pressurization and waterproof
    • Apparent quality of foam - very sturdy and bounces back. Time will tell its durability.
    • Made in Murricuh
    • Warranty - "Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee"

    • This is branded as a "4-gun" case. It is a "4-gun" case. It is only about a "3-gun, 4 mags each, and 3 boxes of ammo" case. Maybe with some creative foam work, you could stack guns 2 deep and slip 6 into there,
    • Gridded foam is only stepped once for depth. It is either on the x plane or on the x-2in. plane. If you want to recess something to it's own depth, you have to go all the way down and then build it back up (see below). This resulted in a .5 star loss.

    Bottom Line: Great case for the money. Easy to configure, rugged, and weather proof. 4.5/5 stars overall.

    Take a look at the Magazine wells I made and their depth: The left one has 2x Walther P99 mags, the right one has 1x.

    To build up the ammo box area and the gun area, I used the following technique: Be very careful to pull out the foam insert as a single block, lay the object in the bottom, replace foam that was removed, and trim flush. This will give you roughly a 2/3 1/3 split depth wise. one block will raise the object to the surface, the other will protrude the object by roughly a third. See flush gun and raised ammo box.

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