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    Review: Outbags OB16SH Right-handed shoulder holster

    Overall, I'm impressed with the quality of the workmanship on this holster that I got on Amazon. The holster itself and the mag pouch are made of good materials, but the straps and the shoulder pieces leave much to be desired. Time will tell the durability, but I think this holster will be an interim solution for me.

    The holster holds my Walther P99 very well, and holds the 2 magazines very well. The thumb-break was on the wrong side out of the box, per my opinion of which side it should be on, and per the photo that shows it body side when in use.

    This was also set up from the factory for carry at about 2 inches above the belt, which was a bit low for my comfort. I found the straps difficult to adjust and the vertical position of the gun side too short. It is about a half inch lower than I'd like it simply because I ran out of strap on that side. I highly recommend having a second person handy to adjust the straps.

    This holster was a test-run to see if I liked shoulder holster carry. I think with a better fitted holster and a smaller gun, I will like it more, but I didn't want to go to the effort of making a holster to find out that I don't like it, or that my gun is too big to carry in this manner (as I suspect).


    • Snug fit of holster pockets on gun and magazines.
    • Workmanship is pretty good.
    • Made in Murricah (Cali to be exact).
    • Was cheap enough to justify seeing if I liked shoulder holster carry. I do - just not really with this holster.

    • Material for everything except the holster pockets is flimsy.
    • Not really any shoulder padding.

    Bottom Line: OK starter holster, definitely not a long-term answer. 3/5 stars overall.

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