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    Review: Precision Cartridge

    I recently bought a case of 115 grain 9mm ammunition produced by Precision Cartridge. This is not my first rodeo, nor is it my first rodeo with Precision Cartridge. I wanted to do a review of this ammo. In 2010 Precision Cartridge was a match sponsor for the Indiana USPSA Section match. I had bought a few cases of the ammo and had good results with it personally. I freely recommended it to clients that I taught and trained in pistol classes. Shortly after the 2010 Section match I had a good personal friend experience some significant problems with the ammo on my personal range. My friend shoots Glocks in the carry department. (He is my friend and I accept him without judgment) The ammo seemed to be under powered and would not cycle the gun. I shot an M&P in 2010 and the same ammo ran fine in my guns. (I still carry them) So I bought or traded him for the ammo and used it up without an issue. I have never attended an NFA with the INGO crowd, but I have heard horror stories about this ammo failing to feed in full auto guns. If you look around with old timers you will find stories about the failures of this ammo.

    What I can say without fear is that I have never personally had issues with this ammo in 9mm or .40 Smith and Wesson or .45 ACP. Prior to 2015 I have shot right around 5,000 rounds of the ammo. Most of the ammunition I have shot has been 9mm. It is remanufactured ammunition. I saw the facility in 2010 when we picked up the ammo for the Section match. It was a professional operation. Jake and I saw the Camdex machines in operation. A few people who compete had some issues with the ammo after that Section Match. I honestly don't remember what the specifics were, or even who had the issues. So I drifted away from the ammo.

    This winter Parabellum started selling the ammo. I waited to see how that worked out. So far it seems to be going pretty well. I have a class coming up in September and thought I would buy a case for that class. My biggest concern was that it would function in my guns. So I took some to the range today to try it out. I took a lot of pictures and some video. I ran the Precision through the Chrono for the competition crowd. I compared it to some Blazer 9mm factory ammo that I had on hand. I shot it through my carry gun that is stock. I also shot it through a Pro Series M&P that I borrowed from my brother. It is not the 5 inch Pro. I shot some Bill Drills and some Mozambique Drills with both guns. I shot some transitions as well. There was not one malfunction at all. No hiccup of any kind. I am confident that the case of ammo will serve for the class I am doing in September. I like buying local. Remanufactured in Hobart and purchased in Avon. No shipping and no Hazmat fee. I will let the video speak for itself. I hope this review will show folks what they need to know. I shot 50 or so rounds of Precision this winter at Parabellum in an USPSA match. I have never personally had an issue with this ammo. I don't normally describe my self as lucky.

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