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    REVIEW: XDs 9mm 4.0

    I purchased a new Springfield XDS 4.0 last week. This gun fit my EDC needs for a non full size gun. So here is my review of it. (I will compare this gun to a XDm as that is my full size pistol I shoot the most)

    My gun was the essential kit which came with a pastic box, one 7 round mag, one 8 round mag w/ Xtension sleeve, cable lock, bore brush and extra fiber optic inserts. Also included were a larger backstrap and matching Xtension sleeve. (Springfield offers 3 mags and a dual mag holder free until the end of August with the purchase of any XDs model.)

    The single stack, narrow grip is good. The texture is a bit rough for my taste but that was easily fixed with some custom rubber Talon like grip tape. The sights are fixed, white dot in the back and red fiber optic in the front. You can change it to green with the supplied parts that are included. I will add TruGlo Fiber Opitc night sights at a later date. There is a rail up front to hang all things that illuminate.

    Take down is the same as the XDm line except for 2 things. First, the grip safety does NOT need to be depressed to retract the slide as with the XDm. Also the trigger must be pulled to remove the slide. The recoil spring is of the dual type and is captured.

    The trigger is ok. Not the lightest but for a carry gun it's fine. I don't have a trigger scale but the specs say right around 6 pounds. I'd say it's close. There is a very positive reset both felt and heard. I dry fired it a couple of hundred times. The trigger did improve a bit. After my first 500 rounds, it seems a little better yet.

    After I gave it a good cleaning and oiled it up, I finally was able to take it out to shoot. I did this over 2 days, first outside and today at an indoor range. I put 500 rounds of several different brands through it. Federal brass and aluminum, one box of Wolf steel case, Agulia and some Hornady XTP's. All were 115 grain standard pressure. Sights were right where they should be. Recoil is very mild, even with the 2 finger grip the 7 round flush fit mag offered. I shot 2 handed, 1 handed, support hand only and tried to limp wrist the gun. It never malfunctioned. The empties all landed about 4-5 feet directly to the right of the gun.

    The only problem I encountered was the slide stop. I also have the same issue with my XDm. The stop sits back about 1/2 inch further than an M&P. It is right at my knuckle of my right thumb when I use the 2 thumbs forward grip. This prevents the slide from locking back after your last round is fired. I've been working on the "thumbs up" grip. It's tough but I'm getting there. I just need more time behind the gun.

    I was able to do great double taps with it. It's a easy gun to shoot well, at least for me. Slow paced fire had tight groups @ 7 yards as long as I did my part.

    The gun prices out around $450 but can be found on sale for $400. Throw in the deal Springfield has with the free mags and mag pouch until the end of August and I think it's a great deal. Link to promo below.
    Springfield ArmoryŽ XDS-Summer

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