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    Review: Daltech Force women's pink stitch gun belt

    This is the Daltech Force women's pink stitch gun belt in 'rich brown'. It cost me $59.99 plus tax, since Daltech Force is located in Indiana :-)

    This belt is a nice thick leather (about as thick as 3 quarters stacked) 1 inches wide. It has 7 holes for adjustment, also comes in black with pink stitching, and has multiple buckle choices.

    Daltech custom makes each belt, so shipping takes a few days. If you order the wrong size, you are responsible for return shipping. Their belts have a lifetime warranty.

    The size chart says 'add 2 inches to your waist size for your belt size'. For me, this resulted in the belt being way too big. I had to send mine back and order 2 inches SMALLER than my waist size. This 38" belt fits perfectly, with my waist size over jeans where I wear them being 40".

    This is a great looking belt, quality leather and quality stitching. The buckle is strong and substantial. It holds up a holster with my Taurus PT111 G2 (and my pants of course) great. There's a world of difference between a good gun belt, and a regular leather belt. There is very little play and movement of the holster when drawing with this belt. Although this belt is thick, it isn't super stiff.

    I ordered a Hank's Belt's 'The Bonnie' women's gun belt at the same time as my Daltech belt, here's a short comparison: (I also posted a review of this belt, please refer to it for more information)

    I paid $49 for my Hank's belt on Amazon with free 2 day shipping. Hank's has a 100 year warranty, and free return shipping. The posted size chart isn't much better than Daltech's, luckily I asked before buying and got the right size the first time. (size chart is in my full review)

    Hank's belts are black with white stitching, and brown with pink stitching. It is also about the thickness of 3 stacked quarters, although more supple than Daltech's. Hank's has 8 adjustment holes vs 7 for Daltech's. Hank's does not have a choice of buckles, although both have chicago screws so buckles can be changed. Daltech's screws are plain, Hank's have a pretty floral design.

    Overall, both are great looking, great quality gun belts. The difference between a regular belt and a gun belt is night and day when carrying, you won't regret buying one. They are both so nice, I will wear both these belts whether I carry or not. I really like having both black and brown for different outfits.

    (scratches on the belt are my fault, it didn't come with them, and they aren't from my holster)

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