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    Review: The FAB defense angled foregrip

    They actually call it the 'PTK + VTS' ergonomic pointing grip
    PTK VTS Combo - Ergonomic Pointing Grip combo pack - - FAB Defense - EXPECT MORE

    I paid about $50 from a reputable company, because there are exact copy knock-off's on sites such as eBay and Amazon, for like $6. I figure the cheap copies are probably only good for air soft, I didn't want to buy one that would melt.

    I'm not used to using any kind of foregrip at all, but it became necessary when I got a quad rail. Not exactly comfortable to grip. Vertical foregrips just don't agree with me for some reason, my wrist just doesn't like them at all. So enter the angled foregrip; the idea intrigued me.

    Looking through various brands, this one looked the most comfortable to me. I wanted something that would feel as close to just gripping the handguard as possible.

    So I picked one up, and I thought I'd share pictures. It fits nice and tight, definitely not going anywhere. Feels like sturdy material. The bottom of the foregrip opens up to store stuff in.

    I really like it, I think it's very comfortable. My wrist is in a much more natural position, so I can control my shots better than I can with a vertical grip.

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