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i am doing a review on this since there is virtually nothing about the sport model anywhere.
I bought this rifle from nate at for 865(ish) plus shipping and transfer.

From what i can tell and what I am told, it just like the non sport model less the proprietary flash hider and 18 inch longer tapered barrel. The sport model has a 16 inch flash hider and a standard a2 birdcage flash hider. In the research stages, Smith and wesson told me it did not have ambi controls but the young lady who told me that was incorrect. It has a ambi safety and a ambi bolt release. It also has a ambi mag release.

fyi- the ambi bolt release must be removed to install an upgraded trigger. Be advised that the trigger in this rifle is stiff. It is not a bad trigger but it is certainly not smooth, crisp, or light. This being said, I was able to shoot about half inch groups at fifty yards and one inch groups at 100 yards. The upper and lower lock up tight with no rattle or separation whatsoever. I would recommend a break in period with lots oil on the bolt carrier group on this gun for the first 100 rounds. The bolt and receiver are very much made for each other and needs a few rounds through it to smooth things out. The first few mags the bolt was sluggish(by sluggish i mean not locking bolt back on last round) till i put quite a bit of oil on the bolt(with zqi ammo). After i shot 3 boxes of zqi through it i switched to federal match ammo. With this change, my groups tightened up and the rifle ran flawlessly with federal, hornady, and even zqi later shot through it. All in all, I have shot about 200 rounds through the rilfe with no issues except those caused by lack of enough oil on the bolt.

This rifle has 5r rifling which gives it great accuracy. I am very impressed with this rifle and smith and wesson as a result. For those of you who are going to suppresss your rifle, I would recommend this barrel length.Nutnfancy, the youtube reviewer, said he was having isues with his 18 inch barrel while suppressed. I also shot 40 rounds today suppressed with a Silencerco Hybrid with no issues whatsoever (Zqi amd federal match). It was idiot day at the range, so i just shot clays at 50 yards with accuracy and reliability unaffected.

I dont know if all 308 AR style rifles are like this but the rear detent for the rear takedown pin is accessed through the grip. A magpul grip works but the spring is visible from the side when installed. The stock on the rifle leaves something to be desired and will be my next upgrade. i upgraded and added handguards, grip, mag release button, and next to be upgraded will be a precision stock. Be prepared to do some research if planning to free float. I do not believe I will change the gas system or handguard again as it runs well with my suppressor.

One issue I did notice is that my hybrid 5/8 x 24 adapter would not thread on here and the suppressor removed would thread on my 300 blackout barrrel with ease. The flash hider from the 308 would also thread on ny blackout with ease as well. Smith had nothing ot offer regarding this problem so I called Silencerco. They told me thst each item (the barrel threads and the adapter) must be at the opposite ends of their tolerance spectrum. They sent me a new adapter which was still tight but it went on easy enough for me not to be afraid of cross threading the threads.

I am the type of person who looks for value and quality and not one who would spend 2400 dollars on a rifle. I believe the bolt and barrel are the heart and soul of a competently built ar style rifle. From what I have seen, I would recommend buying this rifle over the non sport model because the price increase is substantial and the upgrades for the heftier price tag is negligible.

The rifle is very light for a 308 and you can see specs on smith's website. It comes with a magpul magaziine and I also put a Leupold mount for a Vortex Strike Eagle on it. I will post more pics later but below is a picture

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