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    Review: 380 Pocket Guns (6)

    I decided to do a review and comparison of 6 380 pocket guns. Why these 6 guns? Simple, it's the 6 that I either already own or could borrow for the review. I did my best to be impartial and fair in the review and testing.

    These are the 6 guns I will be comparing in no particular order:

    Top Left: Taurus TCP
    Barrel Length 2.84 inches Magazine capacity 6 Weight 10.2oz Slide lock back YES
    Pros: Decent trigger, Longest barrel
    Cons: This gun is difficult for me to disassemble

    Top Right: Beretta Pico
    Barrel Length 2.7 inches Magazine capacity 6 Weight 11.5oz Slide lock back YES
    Pros: Thinnest of the group, Good Sights, Decent Trigger
    Cons: Magazine release is odd, Heaviest of the pistols tested, Sights are not low profile

    Middle Left: Ruger LCP Gen 1
    Barrel Length 2.75 inches Magazine capacity 6 Weight 9.4oz Slide lock back Manual Only
    Pros: It's been on the market a long time
    Cons: With the LCP 2 redesign why buy this one?

    Middle Right: Ruger LCP 2
    Barrel Length 2.75 inches Magazine capacity 6 Weight 10.6oz Slide lock back YES
    Pros: Best Trigger of the group by far, Has a trigger safety, Refined feel
    Cons: Second heaviest of the group

    Lower Left: Kel-Tec P3AT
    Barrel Length 2.75 inches Magazine Capacity 6 Weight 8.3oz Slide lock back NO
    Pros: Lightest gun tested, been on the market a long time
    Cons: Rough trigger

    Lower Right: IO Hellcat
    Barrel Length 2.75 inches Magazine Capacity 6 Weight 9.4oz Slide lock back NO
    Pros: None
    Cons: Worst trigger of the group, seems "clunky" rattles when you shake it, Not considered a successful design

    On to the testing:

    I shot each gun six times at a target plate placed 5 yards away. I understand that these are not target/range guns. They are designed to be carried in a pocket and used for self defense at short distances so I thought 5 yards seemed reasonable. I only had two issues shooting the guns. The first was a FTF while shooting the IO Hellcat. The other was with the LCP 2. The trigger on the LCP 2 is in a whole different world as the other guns. After dealing with the other triggers when I went to fire the LCP 2 the first time it created a flyer because the trigger broke well before I was ready. I decided to disallow that test. Got a new target and restarted.

    Here are the results:

    Final Thoughts:

    I thought that 5 of the 6 guns that I tested performed well enough to get the job done. The only one I would not recommend is the IO Hellcat based on the testing and my experience with it. If I had to rank the six guns I would put the Ruger LCP 2 at the top of the list. It easily has the best trigger and I think that shows looking at the target shooting test results. I would put the Beretta Pico, Taurus TCP and Ruger LCP in the middle of the pack somewhere. Second to last would be the Kel-Tec P3AT and easily in last place is the IO Hellcat.


    I am not a firearms "expert". I do not work for any firearms manufacturers or sell firearms for a living. Some of this is purely my own opinion. I shoot handguns about every two weeks and am an average shot with them at best. Your results shooting these guns may vary from mine. YMMV etc....

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