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    Placed several orders for Sig, M&P, Glock, and CZ mags. Always a great experience and quick shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjohn View Post
    He also doesn't 'flood' you with junk email sales flyers once you're a customer. Wish he carried Beretta 30-round magazines...
    Fun tip: Email filter for the word "unsubscribe" will keep your inbox much tidier. I honestly don't know who floods me with sales emails, as I haven't seen more than a couple in the last several years.
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    Placed an order late last week. I typo'd my email address when checking out so I never got a confirmation of my order. Emailed him today to ask about it. His reply arrived almost the same time as the package.

    Yeah, I'll definitely be ordering from him again.
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    Placed an order Saturday evening and received it Wednesday. Typical of the several orders I've placed.

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    He has been my go-to magazine guy for quite a long time. Some of the best prices on magazines and always super fast shipping

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    I ordered a bunch of Mec-gar mags for my CZ 75 compact and the PCR. Very pleased. I really like the 16 round mags and the rubber extension for the 14 round mags a great too! I heard about Greg from INGO.

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    Cote is the way I go, too. He doesn't spam with emails. He only sends them when he has real info. Great place for mags.
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    Looks like good prices on a couple mags that I need that are a bit obscure. Added to the list of shopping sites. Thx!
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    Greg is good people, I have been purchasing items from him for at least 10 years, and usually gets in the mail same day, if order in the am.

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