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Thread: Hello from Jeffersonville

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    Hello from Jeffersonville

    S&W revolvers are my favorites but I like them all. I frequent several gun forums and go by doublesharp on them all. I found this site when I was googling to see when the next Seymour show is. Glad to be here.

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    Welcome aboard!!!

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    google rules when finding new sites, welcome to one of the biggest in the state!

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    And I may be wrong, but as for gun enthusiast websites dedicated soley to Hoosiers, I believe we're the ONLY deal in town!

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    Hello from Jeffersonville

    from Hymera
    "A free people ought to be armed. George Washington

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    welcome to the forum
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    Welcome from Clarksville!

    N38 19' 56.52"
    W85 45' 8.56"

    VPAD SPC Robert
    VPMD CPL Eugene
    Semper Gumby

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    It's hotter than Hades down here.

    Gosh I smell good.

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    Welcome to INGO.

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