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    Hi there. I'm trying to figure things out. I'm trying to sell a firearm but when I go to the marketplace I don't have an option to post. Is that because I need the 50 points first? Or am I misreading.

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    50 quality posts and welcome to INGO!

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    from Portage!
    Or become a Site Supporter for $20 and get all the privileges.

    A few of us NWI folks hang out here. Feel free to jump in at the end. We just talk about things:

    We have also events:
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    Welcome to INGO

    Nobody likes to read the instructions before attempting a project but I suggest reading the rules.
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    Welcome to INGO from Hobart.
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    IF they concealed their contempt as well as they concealed their handgun, it would be a much more meaningful conversation.
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    from Indy!
    “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer."

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    Welcome from Morgan County

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    Welcome to INGO, from Merrillville.

    I hope you stay and enjoy/learn INGO.
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    Welcome from Hobart.
    Knowledge keeps one from being vulnerable.

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