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    New Member Moving to IN

    New member here. Currently living south of the Mason Dixon line but moving to IN hopefully by year's end. Have bought a home in Terre Haute and as soon as I sell my home here I'm heading that way. I've found on the internet a Clays/Rifle/Pistol range in West Terre Haute, and have visited Top Guns in Terre Haute itself. Am interested in IDPA and/or Steel Challenge. Never tried 3-Gun but I'd like to. Are there any gun clubs or range organizations that do this kind of shooting in the Terre Haute area?

    Looking forward to lots of happy range time in IN when I get there!

    IN New Guy out...

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    Welcome to INGO!
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    ​Welcome to INGO

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    Welcome. Riley conservation club and ProTec range are both just east of town. Both are great facilities.

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    Welcome to INGO!

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    to INGO and soon to IN! Good luck with selling the house.

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    Welcome to INGO
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