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    New guy looking for advice

    Buddy of mine lives way out in the boonies. He built a great bench and 3 dirt mounds. We sight in guns and decided to make it comfy. His neighbor put in a complaint and now the court says to take it down. Why? We shoot guns there but wanted something better than a picnic table. Anyone deal with this stuff? Sorry for the long first post. I am just looking for answers. Thanks in advance

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    City-County Council, depending on where you live .....

    Check with Co., Sheriff Office .....

    IDK .....

    OH, 2 ..... .....
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    INGO # 5,667

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    As SSGSAD stated we need more information as to the location.

    And as Greg said Welcome to INGO
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    See Above^^^^^^^^ to best of luck to you with the county.

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    Hello and welcome....hope you get your situation worked out.
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    Welcome to INGO

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    Welcome to INGO. Hope all fares well with the shooting situation.
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    Define "make it comfy"...did you build something without a permit? How much property does he have "out in the boonies"? Is there any evidence of your bullets leaving his property and causing damage or potential harm to the neighbors? Is he within two miles of a city or town where there may be an ordinance that applies and prohibits shooting?

    I agree with the others...we need more information to really answer your questions.

    Welcome to INGO!

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    Welcome to INGO! It's a great place!!

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