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    Newbie from Clay County

    Just wated to say hello and introduce myself. Just recently got bitten by the gun bug, purchased my fourth gun this year. I plinked when I was younger but nothing for years till recently so I'm trying to make up for lost time.

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    Welcome from Morgan County

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    Welcome to INGO. If you haven't been there yet, there's a great range near you called Proteq. Very affordable (like $50 per year I think.)

    There's at least one meet and shoot out there per year. Sometimes two. Keep an eye on the INGO events sub forum. Next one will likely be in the spring.
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    INGO # 5,667

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    Welcome from Clark County.
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    Welcome to INGO

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    Welcome to INGO!

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    Welcome from Hobart.
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    to .

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    from Vigo County

    I will give PROteq and big +1
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    (1 Corinthians 13:12)
    What a great day that will be too! Hope I see you on the New Earth.

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