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    I am not new here and I am a little late on the greeting, I can't remember my older info here so I started a new one. I like this site and I have been away for sometime and I hope to get caught up.

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    Ok, welcome back. I have family in Bloomington. Hope all is well.
    I was gambling in Havana, I took a little risk

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneBadV8
    SHTF- I'm loading Truckles up and heading to DaKruiser's place. I've seen HotPocket shoot, I'll just keep handing her ammo

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    Welcome. Hope you stick around for more than just the classifieds.

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    2 from NWI

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    I like it this site very knowledgeable people.

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    back to

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    Thor himself has spoken, mere mortals must make it so. - bradmedic04

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    INGO # 5,667

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    from Mooresville
    Lifetime LTCH.. NRA Member.. Lifetime Browns Fan..

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