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    Hello Indiana Firearms Lovers

    Hi everyone,

    I joined this list quite awhile ago but never seemd to find the time to give you all a proper introduction. I've been in Indiana since 1972 and live in West Lafayette. I've been a handgun shooter for many many years but working at Purdue the last 40 years took up most of my time. Retirement is wonderful and finally I'm shooting 2 to 3 times a week. For most of my life I have been a devoted fan of the 1911 however in the last 3 years my allegiance has switched to CZs. I look forward to spending a lot more time on INGO and perhaps even sharing a few of my experiences.


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    I understand that retirement is not over rated...I look forward to that.
    Thor himself has spoken, mere mortals must make it so. - bradmedic04

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    Welcome aboard.
    WTS/WTT 9mm and 308 win reload dies.

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    INGO # 5,667

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    Welcome. Retirement is good; however, I recently had to get a no-brainer part time job to keep my sanity.

    Welcome to the forum and welcome to retirement.
    NRA - Life

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    Welcome aboard. You give me hope. I too have been working for 44 years now, the last seven for IU. My retirement date is scheduled for January 31. That more range time thing sounds fantastic.

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    Welcome to INGO!

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    Hang in there my friend. I assure you there is life after the University and it can be SO MUCH more enjoyable. Some guys like hit that golf ball into 18 little holes in the ground. Personally if I'm "playing" golf I like to hit that little ball with a round of 22 LR and see how high I can make it jump. Much success in your retirement.

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    You should stop by the thread where a few CZ fans tend to hang out. Just jump in, the water's fine.

    Welcome to

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    Welcome from NWI!!!

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