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    greetings from Gary

    Hello all. I've developed a sudden and mysterious interest in shooting over the past few weeks, this seems like a good place to talk guns, trade, find a good range. There seems to be one just down the street but it's only open at night for some reason, and I can't find a website or anything. Maybe it's invitation only? Anybody got any alternatives?

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    Welcome from Hobart. Where is the gun range you are talking about? Try Shoot Point Blank gun shop and indoor range in Merrillville.
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    Welcome from Dyer! Glad to have ya!

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    Welcome from Hobart!

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    2 from NWI

    Mysterious, huh? You win the internet today.

    A lot of us NWI gals and guys hang out here

    Just jump in on the last page and say HI.

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    Welcome from Schererville/Cedartucky.


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    Hello and welcome to the site! Never really heard of a range that's open only at night.
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    from Porter!

    Fixed that link too for you:
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    Shoot Point Blank in Merrillville near the mall.
    Blythes in Valpo.
    Izaak Walton in Griffith.
    Izaak Walton I-65 and 61st Ave. Behind Chevy dealer.
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    Thanks, I tried three times and couldn't get it to work on my tablet. And too lazy to walk across the room and turn on the computer.

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