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Thread: New member from Dyer

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    New member from Dyer

    Hello, forum members! New member from Dyer here, and thought I would introduce myself and share a little information about me.

    Long-time residents of Lake County, Illinois, we "voted with our feet" several years ago and relocated to Indiana. I was a member of the Conservation Club of Kenosha County before we left, and a regular at their trap range. I also visited their pistol range every now and then to shoot handguns chambered in .45 ACP, 9mm, .38 special/.357 magnum, and 22 LR. I haven't fired any of my shotguns since moving here owing to my inability to locate trap clubs within a reasonable driving distance, but have driven out to the state range in Jasper County a few times to practice with my handguns.

    Really liking it here in this part of NWI as it reminds me of what the "other" Lake County was like back in the day.

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    Hi, and welcome from Crown Point.

    Some of us NW folks hang out in the NW Indiana thread here

    We are having a meet and shoot at Winamac on Saturday the 5th. Good chance to meet the local folks.
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    Welcome from Hobart.

    As far as trap google Izaak Walton. There is 1 in Hobart and Griffith (closest 2 that I know of for you) They do trap on Wednesday and Saturday as well as first Sunday of every month
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    2 from NWI

    What Snap said, follow the links and join in the fun.


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    from Porter!
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    Welcome to the group!

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    Hello and Welcome from NWI, Snap and DK set you in the right direction.

    A lot of good people here, kick back and stay awhile.

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    Awesome! Love stories like these. Welcome aboard!
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    Michigan City Rifle Club has open trap on Thursdays, starts at 6 pm. $5 per round for non-members.

    Here's a recent thread where another new member is asking for some advice about trap:

    If you read the thread there are posts with referrals to other places to shoot Clay's.

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