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Thread: New to the Forum

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    New to the Forum

    Hey there, I'm new on here and kinda new to using forums. I love to buy sell and trade and hoping to get some solid knowledge off here. Thanks everyone

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    Great . . . . another one.
    INGO # 5,667

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    Welcome from Greenwood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregD View Post
    Great . . . . another one.
    Come on. Be nice to the newbie. The classifieds do attract people to the site. It is better to educate than criticize.

    Welcome to INGO! There is a lot of great info and a lot of great people (mostly) here. Unfortunately, you stepped into a bit of a sore point on your first post. No biggie.

    INGO is primarily a gun owners chat forum. The classifieds are a perk for contributing members, so you aren't eligible for it just yet. I hope you will stick around, get to know us and participate. There are two routes to becoming a contributing member. Most get there by posting 50 "quality" posts (no one liners, none of the game threads). It is easy enough- just search for topics of interest and ask questions, answer questions, add to the discussions. Don't try posting junk just to get to the classifieds- you will waste the time of a lot of other members who are reading those threads and the mods have seen thousands of "runners" and know all the tricks. Once you get to 50, then private messages and the classifieds become available. The idea is that we get to know you a little and you get to understand INGO and the people here. Getting to know people and developing a reputation is a major part of what makes INGO classifieds different from ArmsList and other gun sales sites.

    There is a second route. If you really want to access the classifieds earlier, then you can pay a $20 annual site supporter membership. The site costs money to run, so site supporters do a lot of the heavy lifting there. You can read more about both routes in the FAQ.

    So, browse around, jump into the discussions and you'll get there soon enough.
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    Welcome from Hobart.
    Knowledge keeps one from being vulnerable.

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    Beto is one of "Those" people that you hope to one day be able to throat punch.

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    Welcome to the group!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1775usmarine View Post
    That comes in 13 hours....

    Oh yeah....

    Welcome to INGO!

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