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    3 Battle Ready Katana (pic heavy)

    Further man-cave clear out...

    Up for sale are 3 of my last remaining Katana. All have been well maintained and oiled and put on a sword display.

    1. Cheness Cutlery Nagasa

    specs: (from website)

    Name 30" 9260 Spring Steel Katana
    Blade 9260 Silicon Alloy Carbon Spring Steel.
    Overall Length (+ Saya) 43.25"
    Treatment Full Hand Forged, Through Tempered, Oil Quenched, Hand Polished
    Finish Tameshigiri Polish
    Blade Dimension 30" Length, 0.3" Width, 1.25" Height
    Sori (Curvature) 0.7"
    Weight 3 lbs
    Tsuba/Fuchi/Kashira Blackened Steel "Classic Crane" Tsuba
    Balance Point 6.5" above tsuba
    Tsuka/Ho 12" Wood
    Tsuka Ito Blue Cotton
    Mekugi Wood & Brass (Double Pinned)
    Same Real Ray Skin Panel Wrap
    Saya 32" Black Glossy Lacquered Medium Hardwood
    Link to website: Cheness Cutlery - 30" Spring Steel Katana - Forged 9260 Carbon Spring Steel Katana Sword.

    In excellent condition. The 9260 steel is no joke and is extremely durable and makes a fantastic sword. The hamon is simulated for cosmetic purposes, but I assure you, this is definitely battle ready and is a very capable heavy duty cutter. A couple minor scuffs on the saya (scabbard) but nothing bad at all. Might even be able to buff them out. I gave $299 for mine when I bought it. They are currently on sale for $279. I'm asking $180 $170.

    2. Ritter Steel Skull Katana

    specs: (from website; sorry they aren't as detailed)

    Overall Length: 44 Inches Blade Length: 29 Inches
    A fully functional sword
    Hand forged from 1095 high carbon steel
    Heat treated for durability
    Black Leather Braided Wrapping

    Link to website: Skull Katana - ED2060 from Dark Knight Armoury

    This is a very interesting katana. The skull tsuba, kashira and menuki give it a very unique and intriguing look. Hand forged and battle ready. Includes matching saya with leather display or shoulder strap. I believe I gave about $325 for mine. They have come down a bit in price. I'm asking $185 $160.

    3. Tokugawa Shogunate Sword (katana)

    This last katana was one of my first battle ready katana and one that I had pined over for over a year before I purchased it. It was a limited run and was constructed of hand forged and differentially tempered high carbon steel. The clay tempered hamon is real. The tsuka is leather wrapped over real ray skin. This is an absolutely beautiful katana and has never been used to cut, but is battle ready. I searched the internet for a link for this sword, but was unable to recall the sword company who made it, so the exact specs are unknown. I remember giving around $370 +/- for it. I am asking $185 ​$170 for it.

    I am willing to negotiate on price some. Someone wanting all three will be given the custom sword display that I had made for these blades. I'm in the Ellettsville/Bloomington area. Shipping these blades will probably not be cheap, so I'd prefer face to face. PM, email ( or shoot me a text at 812-219-0753 if interested or have questions. Thanks for looking!
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    Bump... any offers?

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    Still available

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    I'm interested, but cash strapped atm.... Would you consider a trade or partial trade?

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