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    Another good site is Home.
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    Useful website to help you write to any legislator who answers to you.


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    Below is a list of Representatives and Senators, ordered alphabetically. Each name is a hyperlink to his or her official email address.

    When you need to contact one of these elected officials, clicking the name should open your email program and allow you to do so.

    I would like to stress that polite, civil phrasing is of great importance, no matter the party of the recipient. For "our side", you don't want to alienate them, and for the "other side", it's better not to give them any examples of how horrible we are.

    I would also like to stress that it's a very good idea to check your letters for grammar and spelling errors and correct any you find. This is not English class; this is why you had to take English class!

    If there is a name you're seeking and don't find, please PM me to correct the list or answer your question. I'll try to keep it up after elections and other office vacancies, but if I miss one, I'd like to know about it and fix it!

    And now, without further delay:

    The Indiana House of Representatives

    Rep. Linda Lawson D
    Rep. Earl Harris D
    Rep. Charlie Brown D
    Rep. Ed Soliday R
    Rep. Dale DeVon R
    Rep. Pat Bauer D
    Rep. David Niezgodski D
    Rep. Ryan Dvorak D
    Rep. Scott Pelath D
    Rep. Chuck Moseley D
    Rep. Rick Niemeyer R
    Rep. Mara Reardon D
    Rep. Sharon Negele R
    Rep. Vernon Smith D
    Rep. Hal Slager R
    Rep. Doug Gutwein R
    Rep. Tim Harman R
    Rep. David Wolkins R
    Rep. Shelli VanDenburgh D
    Rep. Tom Dermody R
    Rep. Tim Wesco R
    Rep. Rebecca Kubacki R
    Rep. William Friend R
    Rep. Steve Braun R
    Rep. Don Lehe R
    Rep. Randy Truitt R
    Rep. Sheila Klinker D
    Rep. Jeff Thompson R
    Rep. Kathy Richardson R
    Rep. Mike Karickhoff R
    Rep. Kevin Mahan R
    Rep. Eric Turner R
    Rep. Greg Beumer R
    Rep. Sue Errington D
    Rep. Jack Lutz R
    Rep. Terri Austin D
    Rep. Todd Huston R
    Rep. Heath VanNatter R
    Rep. Jerry Torr R
    Rep. Greg Steuerwald R
    Rep. Tim Brown, M.D. R
    Rep. Alan Morrison R
    Rep. Clyde Kersey D
    Rep. Jim Baird R
    Rep. Kreg Battles D
    Rep. Bob Heaton R
    Rep. John Price R
    Rep. Tim Neese R
    Rep. Wes Culver R
    Rep. Dan Leonard R
    Rep. Denny Zent R
    Rep. Ben Smaltz R
    Rep. Bob Cherry R
    Rep. Thomas Saunders R
    Rep. Cindy Ziemke R
    Rep. Dick Hamm R
    Rep. Sean Eberhart R
    Rep. Woody Burton R
    Rep. Milo Smith R
    Rep. Peggy Mayfield R
    Rep. Matt Pierce D
    Rep. Matt Ubelhor R
    Rep. Mark Messmer R
    Rep. Tom Washburne R
    Rep. Eric Koch R
    Rep. Terry Goodin D
    Rep. Randy Frye R
    Rep. Jud McMillin R
    Rep. Jim Lucas R
    Rep. Rhonda Rhoads R
    Rep. Steven Stemler D
    Rep. Ed Clere R
    Rep. Steve Davisson R
    Rep. Lloyd Arnold R
    Rep. Ron Bacon R
    Rep. Wendy McNamara R
    Rep. Gail Riecken D
    Rep. Holli Sullivan R
    Rep. Matt Lehman R
    Rep. Phil GiaQuinta D
    Rep. Martin Carbaugh R
    Rep. David Ober R
    Rep. Kathy Heuer R
    Rep. Robert Morris R
    Rep. Casey Cox R
    Rep. Ed DeLaney D
    Rep. Christina Hale D
    Rep. Brian Bosma Speaker R
    Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer R
    Rep. Mike Speedy R
    Rep. Robert Behning R
    Rep. Karlee Macer D
    Rep. David Frizzell R
    Rep. Cherrish Pryor D
    Rep. John Bartlett D
    Rep. Greg Porter D
    Rep. Justin Moed D
    Rep. Robin Shackleford D
    Rep. Vanessa Summers D
    Rep. Dan Forestal D

    The Indiana Senate

    Sen. Frank Mrvan D
    Sen. Lonnie Randolph D
    Sen. Earline Rogers D
    Sen. Karen Tallian D
    Sen. Ed Charbonneau R
    Sen. Sue Landske R
    Sen. Brandt Hershman R
    Sen. Jim Arnold D
    Sen. Ryan Mishler R
    Sen. John Broden D
    Sen. Joe Zakas R
    Sen. Carlin Yoder R
    Sen. Susan Glick R
    Sen. Dennis Kruse R
    Sen. Thomas Wyss R
    Sen. David Long President Pro Tempore R
    Sen. Jim Banks R
    Sen. Randy Head R
    Sen. Travis Holdman R
    Sen. Luke Kenley R
    Sen. Jim Buck R
    Sen. Ron Alting R
    Sen. Phil Boots R
    Sen. Pete Miller R
    Sen. Tim Lanane D
    Sen. Doug Eckerty R
    Sen. Allen Paul R
    Sen. Michael Crider R
    Sen. Mike Delph R
    Sen. Scott Schneider R
    Sen. Jim Merritt R
    Sen. Patricia Miller R
    Sen. Greg Taylor D
    Sen. Jean Breaux D
    Sen. R. Michael Young R
    Sen. Brent Waltz R
    Sen. Rodric Bray R
    Sen. Tim Skinner D
    Sen. John Waterman R
    Sen. Mark Stoops D
    Sen. Greg Walker R
    Sen. Jean Leising R
    Sen. Johnny Nugent R
    Sen. Brent Steele R
    Sen. Jim Smith R
    Sen. Ron Grooms R
    Sen. Richard Young D
    Sen. Lindel Hume D
    Sen. Jim Tomes R
    Sen. Vaneta Becker R

    Of note: I've had a couple of requests for the zip code or county of each of the elected officials' districts, above. I will not be posting those, partially because that's what post #1 in this thread is about, partially because this list is intended to be when you need to contact several at once (like those on a committee, for example) and they are not *your* Representative or Senator, and partially because that would be a hell of a lot more work than the two hours I've already put into this!

    Last updated March 15, 2014


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    Thanks for your help in keeping this a great forum!
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