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    Professor thanks 'four black men and a gun'

    David Codrea introduces us to Stanford Law Professor Marcus Cole and his tribute to the great black men he admires. Go. Read. It's good. And Dr. Cole's tribute is a must read.

    via Gun Rights Examiner

    "I thought I should take a moment to mention four Americans who have made a relatively uncelebrated contribution to the freedom I cherish and enjoy," Stanford Law Professor Marcus Cole writes at "I owe a special debt to four black men, and one gun."

    Which four men? And why?

    The first was his father, who, after being severely beaten in front of his children to the point of needing reconstructive surgery, bought a gun.
    There were no more incidents, at least not any that I can recall, after my father exercised his Second Amendment right. It was his contribution to “non-violence” in our neighborhood.
    Indeed. Read this tribute. And learn of the other influences acknowledged by Professor Cole:

    • Abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who maintained "[c]itizenship...rested upon three boxes: 'the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.'”
    • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who "bravely read the constitution the way it was written, with little regard for how his opinion would be attacked from both the left and the right. His opinion acknowledged that the right to bear arms was clearly one contemplated by the framers of the 'privileges or immunities' clause."
    • Otis McDonald, who pressed the recent landmark Supreme Court case and "is that black man, the fourth to whom I owe so much. As I attempt to raise my two sons to be strong, confident and secure Christian men, I am grateful that this 76-year-old grandfather fought for my right to protect them from those who might try to do them harm."

    As the truism goes, slaves don't own guns. The Second Amendment is the ultimate right of all free men.

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    Veery good read, thanks for posting.
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    Incoming rep for that.

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    Good read. I'm all outta reps.
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    Excellent. Repped!
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    Very interesting, Thanks .....
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    I've always admired Frederick Douglass, but that quote is the icing on the cake!

    I'll have to find the complete quote. I'll bet it would make a nice signature line!

    Edit: I think the "soap box" was also a part of the quote, originally, as the first box. I'm still searching....
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    Very cool... this will be quoted by me elsewhere!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbombelli View Post
    Good read. I'm all outta reps.
    Got him for ya.Great post

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    Great article. Thanks for sharing it.

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