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    Chicago bans Hi-Points!

    Well crap there I go again with another one...

    Among other makes and manufacturers they have banned them from being registered in the city of Chicago...

    Hi-Point's Response to Chicago - page 1

    Chicago Police Department Roster of ?Unsafe Handguns?

    Hmmm interesting...

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    AHHHH crap I swear I didn't see that thread with this same topic the first time I searched....

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    Chicago will never see a dime of any of my money ever again!

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    S&W ????? WHAT is a spur trigger.....MARLIN ????? What is up ?????
    I shoot slow, and hit every time!!!!!

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    Walther P22?
    Sig Mosquito?

    How do they conclude those are unsafe firearms?

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    With the length of the list I can't imagine that they actually performed any scientific studies to conclude what was "unsafe"
    At first blush one might assume that they went by word of mouth, but I don't think even that is accurate. Some of these guns are so old and or unheard of that there's not any word of mouth good or bad.
    No, more likely is they just put together a list of guns at will that they don't want to deal with for various reasons.
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    Originally Posted by Scutter01
    We don't generally like to recommend murder and arson to solve marital problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pull Trigger, Goes Bang View Post
    Walther P22?
    Sig Mosquito?

    How do they conclude those are unsafe firearms?
    Suppressors. I would bet money on it.

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    No, it's the junk metal that the SIG, P22 and Hi Points are made of . . . at least that's the rationale.
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    If the guns were "unsafe", the manufacturer's would be getting sued. This is just Chicago's way of whining because they really don't like having the public having guns.
    I can see a lawsuit coming from someone against Chicago, they will have to prove why the guns are unsafe an lose.
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    Just another attempt at banning guns in a little bit more creative way. Many, but not all, of the makes on the list are less expensive guns, Saturday night specials, or other unique guns that they "Think" might be dangerous not to the user, but to the sheeple.

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