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    mrjarrell your right, newt would never be able to visit all 57 states nor would he ever be able to to thank all those navy corpsemen properly for their service. newt is way too heavy to ever put his feet up on the resolute desk. i doubt he would be able to fill all the positions that obama has with communist and socialist. the poor occupiers across the country wouldnt get the same support from newt as they have enjoyed from obama. and how about that great obama apology tour around the world. yep, newt would be worse at all those things

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjarrell View Post
    Dead on. There's no comparison between the two. Newt's much worse than Obama.
    So are you saying that Newt will screw up the country worse than Obama has? Will he do everything he can to make us a nannystate, like Obama is? Will his wife go around the country trying to tell us what to eat? Will he do everything in his power to shut down our energy production? Will he play the class envy card and want to raise taxes on the higher income folks to pander to the welfare class? Will he appoint incompetent liberals who don't believe in 2A to SCOTUS? Will he appoin an AG like Eric Holder? Will he travel about the world appologizing for America/ Please don't respond with issues he may have addressed years ago, we're talking about right now and what we will be come 1/20/13.

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    Newt would do different things and would do them with the backing of the GOP, which, like it or not, many people would back and vote for solely because a Republican (in name only), the party traditionally associated with true conservatives, was doing it.

    I like the idea of getting a true conservative, a person who truly respects our Constitution as written, into office. I plan to cast my votes in the primary and (God willing) in the general election for Dr. Paul, as I see him to be the only option that comes anywhere close to that standard. I do not, however, see him winning, as his points of view are too misunderstood and too misrepresented by the media.

    Would Newt do everything to make us a nanny state? I don't know, but it was another so-called Republican who signed the so-called "Patriot Act" into law with everyone in Congress on both sides of the aisle and much of the public cheering it on. Would he appoint incompetent liberals? I think it's safe to say no, but he could as easily appoint incompetent so-called conservatives.

    Newt has at least one good thing going for him: He would not be (in 2013) a second-term (aka untouchable) President. We, the people, would still have a re-election we could hold over his head.


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    Newt has a record that honestly does scare me worse than Obama. And the worst part is that all the conservatives will go back to sleep if he's elected because they trust him for some unknown reason. Then Newt can go on a binge of government expansion while all the defenders of the constitution transform into defenders of the Republican Party. Just like what happened under Bush.

    Newt Gingrich on the issues

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    well lets all vote to keep obama at least we know what were getting and there will be no need to complain . go obama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses View Post
    well lets all vote to keep obama at least we know what were getting and there will be no need to complain . go obama.
    We've got a primary election to vote in first. Make yours count. Newt is a snake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spec4 View Post
    Goood analysis, and for the most part I agree. If Newt gets the nomination, I am sure se will see many posts from short sighted members who foolishly compare him to Obama. Let them wait for the perfect candidate, who in fact doesn't exist. While Newt certainly has a lot of warts, they pale in comparison to the community organizer.
    Obviously you Newt supporters havent read Rambone's posting of Newt's accomplishments.Here is a comprehensive list of all the reasons to oppose Newt Gingrich.

    Newt Gingrich is a political chameleon that has inexplicably managed to fool conservatives for 30 years. He is a globalist to the bone and supports every opportunity to erode American sovereignty and the constitution. He disguises his statist positions with an abundance of flip-flopping and pandering as needed. He has a long history of expanding the Federal Government and deficit spending. He is the very definition of an Establishment Insider.

    - Voted for the creation of the Federal Dept. of Education in 1979 under Jimmy Carter.
    - Voted for NAFTA, a blatant circumvention of Congress’ exclusive power to regulate commerce with foreign nations. Took power from American people and put it into the hands of unelected Binational panels, made mostly of foreigners.
    - Supported GATT
    - Supported WTO
    - Supported the National Endowment for the Arts;
    - Big supporter of Foreign Aid -- even to Soviets through the Export-Import Bank.
    - In one year (1994-1995) Gingrich voted for nearly $45 billion in foreign aid.
    - He helped push through Federally-funded loan guarantees to Communist China.
    - He voted to raise the debt ceiling four times (one, two, three, and four).
    - Urged the House to repeal the War Powers Act and give the Presidency more power.
    - He was a draft-deferrer during Vietnam, yet pushed aggressive foreign interventionism his entire political career, and did say that Vietnam was the "right battlefield at the right time."
    - Urged Clinton to expand military presence in Bosnia.
    - Supports Afghan War
    - Supports Iraq War
    - Supports Libyan War
    - Calls for Iran War
    - Supported Clinton's welfare programs, education programs, labor programs, and environmental programs, as well as most of his foreign affairs programs.
    - Supported spending $30B for the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 that shackled gun owners with new restrictions, federalized a number of crimes, and handed the feds police powers that the Constitution reserves to the states.
    - Voted to give billions of dollars to United Nations "peacekeeping" operations;
    - Pushed for a School Prayer Amendment
    - Worked on the Rockefeller presidential campaign in 1968.
    - Mentored by Henry Kissinger
    - Bailed out savings and loan institutions in 1991. $40B Bank bailout
    - He cheated on one of his wives while she was suffering from cancer, delivered divorce papers to her in the hospital.
    - Card-Carrying member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a globalist think tank
    - "Distinguished member" of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (neocon, pro-interventionism group)
    - Member of Bohemian Club (secret society)
    - Member of the World Future Society (globalist group)

    05/04/1979 - He voted for a federal land grab that put tens of millions of acres of land in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.
    09/20/1979 - He voted to raise the debt ceiling for the first time.
    09/27/1979 - He voted to establish the Federal Department of Education.
    06/04/1980 - He voted to raise the debt ceiling for the second time.
    02/05/1981 - He voted to raise the debt ceiling for the third time.
    06/28/1984 - He voted to raise the debt ceiling for the fourth time.
    04/02/1987 - He cosponsored the 1987 Fairness Doctrine (anti 1st Amendment legislation)
    10/22/1991 - He voted for an amendment that would create a National Police Corps.
    03/--/1993 - He was "passionately in favor" of sending $1.6 Billion in foreign aid to Russia.
    11/19/1993 - He voted for the NAFTA Implementation Act.
    11/27/1994 - He supported the GATT Treaty giving sovereignty to the U.N.
    12/25/1994 - He was quoted as saying that his wife was "not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President. And besides, she has cancer."
    04/10/1995 - He supported Federal taxdollars being spent on abortions.
    06/--/1995 - He wrote the foreword to a book about tearing down the U.S. Constitution and implementing a Fascist World Government.
    08/27/1995 - He suggests that drug smuggling should carry a death sentence.
    01/06/1996 - He himself conceived a secret CIA mission to topple the Iranian leadership.
    04/18/1996 - He voted for Federal restrictions on laser sighting devices.
    04/25/1996 - Voted for the single largest increase on Federal education spending ($3.5 Billion)
    06/01/1996 - He helped a Democrat switch parties in an attempt to defeat constitutionalist Ron Paul in the 1996 election.
    09/16/1996 - He voted for the anti-gun Brady Campaign’s Lautenberg Gun Ban, which took away gun rights for people involved in certain misdemeanors.
    09/25/1996 - Introduced H.R. 4170, demanded life-sentence or execution for someone bringing 2 ounces of marijuana across the border.
    09/28/1996 - He voted for the "Gun Free School Zones Act" which resulted in schools being easier targets for shooters, and disarming law-abiding citizens.
    --/--/1996 - He earned a "D" rating from the Gun Owners of America.
    01/22/1997 - Congress gave him a record-setting $300,000 fine for ethical wrongdoing.
    11/05/1998 - He resigned from his House seat three days after being elected to his 11th term.
    11/29/2006 - He said that free speech should be curtailed in order to fight terrorism. Wants to stop terrorists from using the internet. Called for a "serious debate about the 1st Amendment."
    11/29/2006 - He called for a "Geneva Convention for terrorists" so it would be clear who the Constitution need not apply to.
    02/15/2007 - He supported Bush's proposal for mandatory carbon caps.
    04/04/2007 - He says that there should be a clear distinction about what weapons should be reserved for only for the military.
    05/20/2007 - He would bypass the court system by establishing a "military tribunal system to lock people up the way Abraham Lincoln would’ve done it."
    05/20/2007 - He would "establish a nationwide ID card with biometrics so you can actually track everybody in the country."
    04/17/2008 - Made a commercial (see below) with Nancy Pelosi on Climate Change.
    04/28/2008 - He said that ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)8/eltigrechico-newt-we-should-allow-some-terror" target="_blank">allow some terror to happen, to keep the people afraid.
    04/28/2008 - He wants yet another ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)8/eltigrechico-newt-we-should-allow-some-terror" target="_blank">new Federal agency to be "very aggressive" against "terrorists" and have "extraordinary abilities" that are not restricted by the constitution.
    09/28/2008 - Says if he were in office, he would have reluctantly voted for the $700B ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)5526" target="_blank">TARP bailout.
    10/01/2008 - Says in an article that TARP was a "workout, not a bailout."
    12/08/2008 - He was paid $300,000 by Freddie Mac to halt Congress from bringing necessary reform.
    03/31/2009 - Says we should have Singapore-style drug tests for Americans.
    10/16/2009 - He angered conservatives by endorsing super-liberal Dede Scozzafava.
    07/30/2010 - Says that Iraq was just step one in defeating the "Axis of Evil".
    08/03/2010 - Advocates attacks on Iran & North Korea.
    08/16/2010 - Opposes property rights of the mosque owner in NYC.
    08/16/2010 - Compares mosque supporters to Nazis
    11/15/2010 - He defended Romneycare; blamed liberals
    12/02/2010 - He advocates a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    12/05/2010 - He said that a website owner should be considered an enemy combatant, hunted down and executed, for publishing leaked government memos.
    01/30/2011 - He lobbied for ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)2.html" target="_blank">ethanol subsidies.
    01/30/2011 - He suggested that ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)2.html?mod=googlenews_wsj" target="_blank">flex-fuel vehicles be mandated for Americans.
    02/02/2011 - He says we are "losing the War on Terror"; the conflict will be as long as the Cold War
    02/10/2011 - He wants to ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)5-503544.html" target="_blank">replace the EPA instead of abolishing it.
    02/13/2011 - He criticized Obama for sending less U.S. taxdollars to Egypt.
    02/15/2011 - His book said that he believes man-made climate-change and advocated creating "a new endowment for conservation and the environment."
    03/09/2011 - He blames his infidelity to multiple wives on his passion for the country.
    03/15/2011 - Says that NAFTA worked because it created jobs in Mexico.
    03/19/2011 - He has no regrets about supporting Medicare drug coverage. (Now $7.2T unfunded liability)
    03/23/2011 - He completely flip-flopped on Libyan intervention in 16 days.
    03/25/2011 - He plans to sign as many as 200 executive orders on his first day as president.
    03/27/2011 - He says that America is under attack by atheist Islamists.
    04/25/2011 - He's a paid lobbyist for Federal ethanol subsidies.
    05/11/2011 - His campaign video (see below) said that he wants to "find solutions together, and insist on imposing those solutions on those who do not want to change."
    05/12/2011 - He was more supportive of individual health-care mandates than Mitt Romney.
    05/15/2011 - Said GOP's plan to cut back Medicare was "too big a jump."
    05/15/2011 - He backed Obama's individual mandate; "All of us have a responsibility to help pay for health care."
    05/16/2011 - He also endorsed individual mandates in 1993 when Clinton pushed Universal Health Care.
    05/17/2011 - He has an outstanding debt to Tiffany's Jewelry of between $250K - $500K.
    06/09/2011 - His own campaign staff resigned en masse.
    07/15/2011 - His poorly managed campaign is over $1 Million in debt.
    08/01/2011 - He hired a company to create fake Twitter to appear as if he had a following.
    08/11/2011 - His recent criticism of the United Nations is United Nations by a long, long history of supporting it.
    09/27/2011 - He says that he "helped develop the model for Homeland Security"
    10/07/2011 - He said he'd ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)4-503544.html" target="_blank">ignore the Supreme Court if need be.
    11/19/2011 - He said Barney Frank should be arrested for his close ties lobbying for Freddie Mac, just one month before it became public that Gingrich was also lobbying for them at the same time.
    11/20/2011 - He has been outed as a paid lobbyist for drug companies, but he still denies it.
    11/22/2011 - He supports the Patriot Act and would like to see it strengthened.
    11/22/2011 - He says that matters of National Security should not be encumbered by giving Due Process to the accused.
    11/28/2011 - He is a Pharmaceutical lobbyist, and coincidentally thinks that non-Pharma drugs like medical marijuana should be banned by the Federal government.
    11/28/2011 - He said he wants to be "aggressive" with Cuba topple their government before 2014.
    11/28/2011 - He praised draconian drug penalties in Singapore for the second time.

    The Grinch Who Stole Conservatism
    Newt World Order Gingrich supported GATT, NAFTA and WTO while in Congress
    Gingrich, Toffler, and Gore: A Peculiar Trio
    Newt's Contract with the Earth: Pseudo-Science, Big Government
    Newt Gingrich: The Establishment’s Conservative
    Newt Gingrich: The "Anti-Romney" or the "Other Romney"?
    Slideshow: The Many Flip-Flops of Newt Gingrich
    'Newt'worthy or Not? Is Newt Gingrich the Best Candidate for President in the Republican Primary?
    Good Newt, Bad Newt
    Newt Gingrich and his Record
    Newt Gingrich, Drug Warrior Extraordinaire
    Ron Paul’s sincerity versus Newt Gingrich’s hypocrisy
    Newt Gingrich on Guns: A Mixed Record
    Club For Growth's Presidential White Paper #1: Newt Gingrich
    Third Way Contract: Gingrich & Toffler

    "The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources is essentially a socialist argument." - Newt Gingrich

    "[O]ur government, at all levels, must be modernized to successfully partner, let alone compete, with the private sector." -- Newt Gingrich, A Contract with the Earth (p.196)

    "The U.S. government operates endowments for the humanities and the arts…Perhaps, it is time we consider a new endowment for conservation and the environment." -- Newt Gingrich, A Contract with the Earth (pp. 115-116)

    "We agree that there is plenty of evidence that global climate change is occurring…While humanity is certainly causing its fair share of the change, scientists are still not able to precisely pinpoint the extent of the change, or the margin of error in their estimates." -- Newt Gingrich, A Contract with the Earth (p. 200)

    "In spite of the demonstrated liberal leanings in academia, we have nothing but respect for the nation’s scientists. They represent America’s best hope to protect the environment. We support a dramatic increase in science and technology research and development because we desperately need to understand global climate change and other environmental phenomena." -- Newt Gingrich, A Contract with the Earth (p. 201)

    "If you import a commercial quantity of illegal drugs, it is because you have made the personal decision that you are prepared to get rich by destroying our children. I have made the decision that I love our children enough that we will kill you if you do this." -- Newt Gingrich (source)

    "What we're being told is that free trade with Mexico would devastate the U.S. economy. With its low wages, Mexico would unleash a flood of cheap imports into our markets. There would be a mass exodus of U.S. factory jobs, as hordes of American companies fled across the border.... All this is scare talk." -- Newt Gingrich, on the House floor 9/22/1993. (source)

    Q: "Will you rally the troops for GATT and the World Trade Organization?"
    A: "Yes. In the first place, the Administration has accepted amendments of Senator Dole and myself giving Congress dramatically more oversight of the WTO, including the right to bring up a vote on withdrawal every five years in perpetuity, so at any point that we think it is out of control or inappropriate, we can simply withdraw." -- Newt Gingrich, 11/11/1994 (source)

    "The American challenge in leading the world is compounded by our Constitution. Under our [constitutional system] - either we're going to have to rethink our Constitution, or we're going to have to rethink our process of decision-making." He went on to profess an oxymoronic belief in "very strong but limited federal government," and pledged, "I am for the United Nations." -- Newt Gingrich, July 1995, speech at the Center for Strategic & International Affairs (source)

    On executing people for drug offenses: "The first time we execute 27 or 30 or 35 people at one time, and they go around Colombia and France and Thailand and Mexico, and they say, 'Hi, would you like to carry some drugs into the U.S.?' the price of carrying drugs will have gone up dramatically." -- Newt Gingrich, 1995 (NY Times)

    "See, when I smoked pot it was illegal, but not immoral. Now, it is illegal AND immoral. The law didn't change, only the morality… That's why you get to go to jail and I don't." -- Newt Gingrich, 8/8/1996, Wall Street Journal (source)

    When asked if he would change or repeal the Patriot Act: "No, I would not change it. I'm not aware of any specific change it needs. And I'd look at strengthening it, because I think the dangers are literally that great." -- Newt Gingrich, 11/22/2011, CNN Debate (source)

    "This is, by the way, one of the great tragedies of the Bush Administration. The more successful they've been at intercepting and stopping bad guys, the less proof there is that we're in danger. And therefore the better they've done at making sure there isn't an attack, the easier it is to say that there was never going to be an attack anyways. And its almost like they should, every once in a while, have allowed an attack to get through, just to remind us. Think about the psychology. Why do we wrap up so many people? Well, because we wiretapped. And again, I'm going to be a little controversial. I would divide the FBI into two agencies. I would have an anti-domestic-crime FBI which was very cautious, very respectful of civil liberties. You are innocent until proven guilty. And I would have a small but VERY aggressive anti-terrorism agency. And I would frankly give them EXTRAORDINARY ability to eavesdrop. And my first advice to civil libertarians is simple: Don't plot with terrorists." -- Newt Gingrich, 4/29/2008 (***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)8/eltigrechico-newt-we-should-allow-some-terror" target="_blank">source)

    "In March 1993, I got an assistance program I could support: $1.6 billion in direct aid to help Russia stabilize. Although a public poll said that 75% of the American people were opposed to giving Russia more money, and we were already in a hard fight for the economic plan, I felt we had no choice but to press ahead. American had spent trillions of dollars in defense to win the Cold War; we couldn't risk reversal over less that $2 billion and a bad poll. To the surprise of my staff, the congressional leaders, including the Republicans, agreed with me. At a meeting I convened to push the plan, Senator Joe Biden, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, strongly endorsed the aid package. Newt Gingrich was passionately in favor of helping Russia, saying it was a 'great defining moment' for American and we had to do the right thing." -- Bill Clinton, 2004 (My Life, p. 506-507).

    "Professor Gingrich hopefully will never be called upon to teach a course in the proper role of our federal government. His rare votes against bloated big government usually have been prompted by the partisan wrangling of the moment, not by any great respect for, or understanding of, the Constitution." -- James Toft of “Tax Reform Immediately” (TRIM)

    The perfect quote for Newt Gingrich:
    "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them." -- Jesus Christ

    The Real Newt Gingrich:

    Climate Change Commercial:

    His campaign video:

    In Soviet Amerika, the Law violates YOU

    Here it is one more time. Just read:

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    IMO the worst thing about Newt is the book he wrote a forword to. The book describes transitiioning from Nationalism to globalism, then the Third Wave.

    Here is a link to the book for less than $3 if you want to read it.

    ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)&linkCode=as2&tag=jdteta-20" target="_blank">***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)

    Here is an excerpt from the book.

    "The time has come for the next great step forward in American politics. It is not a matter of Democrats versus Republicans, or of left and right...but something more significant...a clear distinction between rear-guard politicians who wish to preserve or restore an unworkable past and those who are ready to transition to what we call a “Third Wave” information-age society…

    A new civilization is emerging in our lives, and blind men everywhere are trying to suppress it. This new civilization brings with it new family styles, changed ways...a new economy, new political conflicts, and...altered consciousness... Humanity faces a quantum leap forward. This is the meaning of the Third Wave…

    Our argument is based on what we call the “revolutionary premise”... The revolutionary premise liberates our intellect and will.

    Nationalism is...First Wave. The globalization of business and finance required by advancing Third Wave economies routinely punctures the national “sovereignty” the nationalists hold so dear...

    As economies are transformed by the Third Wave, they are compelled to surrender part of their sovereignty... Poets and intellectuals of Third Wave states sing the virtues of a “borderless” world and “planetary consciousness.”

    The Third Wave...demassifies culture, values, and morality... There are more diverse religious belief systems.

    The Constitution of the United States needs to be reconsidered and create a whole new structure of government... Building a Third Wave civilization on the wreckage of Second Wave institutions involves the design of new, more appropriate political structures... The system that served us so well must, in its turn, die and be replaced."

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    Exclamation Newt's peculiar answers to gun questions -- Does he GET it??

    Here are Newt's answers to an interview about the Right to Keep & Bear Arms.

    Newt Doesn't Get It

    HEWITT: "...Do you support allowing individuals to own those weapons labeled assault weapons under that law?"

    GINGRICH: "Well, if you remember, there are a number of weapons under that law that are not assault weapons, and the law the way it was written in the Clinton administration is an absurdity. And I think people proved that at the time. And I voted against the law, and in fact, I helped stop it at one point."
    Note that he says a number of weapons that were covered by the ban aren't "assault weapons" & that it was written poorly. The first is partially true but I'd have argued that all the weapons covered by the ban were not "assault weapons" as it was a contrived term to facilitate that specific law. The second - well it was written absurdly, but the premise was the absurdity more so than the language, which Newt seemed to imply the latter in his statement.
    HEWITT: "And so how would you…what weapons ought Americans not be allowed to own under the 2nd Amendment."

    GINGRICH: "Look, I think we ought to draw a clear distinction about a whole range of weapons that are explicitly military, and I have no interest in arguing or defending the right of people to randomly hold weapons that are that extraordinary, except under very, very unique circumstances."
    A huh. Basically Newt is saying that he has no clue what the 2nd amendment was about. I do wonder what he would define as extraordinary.
    HEWITT: "All right, so basically, return the right for some of these higher caliber weapons, but keep the military weapons away from."

    GINGRICH: "Right. I just think, you know, if you said to me would I feel comfortable if my next door neighbor had a 50 caliber machine gun, I would say no."
    I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable if my next door neighbor had a radio talk show, or a congressional seat, or a presidential campaign, but does that mean we throw the weight of the law against those people even though they've done no harm to anyone? Of course what would be funny is if one of his neighbors did own a belt fed .50 (since Newt lives in Virginia & Virginia doesn't restrict automatic weapons as long as they're possessed in compliance with federal law).

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    Its Ron Paul or who cares.

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