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    A future President could indeed reverse an executive order, but that won't necessarily bring back companies that have gone bankrupt and sold their machines (except, of course, for those companies that manufacture for LE and military, at higher costs due to decreased demand.)

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    If he takes as much from us as Reagan did, we're toast.

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    In a rash attempt to deflect attention away from himself and his own irresponsibility, Holder let Congress know that the Obama administration is still working toward the day when it can reinstate former President Bill Clinton’s so-called “assault weapons” ban. According to Holder:

    "This administration has consistently favored the reinstitution of the assault weapons ban. It is something that we think was useful in the past with regard to the reduction that we’ve seen in crime, and certainly would have a positive impact on our relationship and the crime situation in Mexico."
    DUH. Any more questions?

    Source: Holder tells Congress the Obama administration wants to ban guns | The Daily Caller
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