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    Quote Originally Posted by templar223 View Post
    UPDATE: It was officially released today!

    Prosecution of gun laws changing in McLean County
    Interesting article....hopefully the sentiment spreads throughout Illinois.

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    It has hit mainstream news!

    It and more information at this post.

    Prosecutor hopes to stir debate on Illinois Gun Laws

    By CHRISTOPHER WILLS Associated Press
    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. August 23, 2012 (AP)

    Despite a statewide ban on concealed weapons, gun owners in one central Illinois county donít need to worry about facing charges because its top prosecutor is refusing to enforce a law he considers unconstitutional.


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    Largely symbolic for now, but it is a step in the right direction. If enough folks decide to take a stand like Dozier, it will make a difference in the political arena. All you need is a few embers to kindle the fire. And politicians being what they are (i.e. elected officials), will eventually have to concede to public opinion.

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    The biggest news in this story is that the boiling anger among lawful gun owners in the state has finally bubbled to the official surface. I wouldn't try carrying there if I was a resident but change may be slowly coming about.

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